Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Fun Year for Toads

At Real Toads, The talented Ella, of Ella's Edge, set us a challenge, on this special day for frogs: to look around us at the shapes and colors of our morning and write a poem from them. The description of the challenge can be found here. As nature kindly deposited a thin layer of snow overnight (which is really going to piss off the crocuses that have been coming up), this was an easy write.

A thin crispy crackle
of icy snow
crunches underfoot
as I walk to the barn.

The old horse
pushes her big long nose at me,
whiffling for carrots or apples.
There is a busy twittering
of winter sparrows
at the feeder,
and steam is rising
from the pasture
as the morning slowly warms.
Beyond, the tops 
of the blue hills are 
draped in snow.
A wintery breeze  
blows off the slopes
and catches 
my uncovered neck.

It is February 29, 2012.
What will morning
look like
on this day
in 2016?


  1. that is a pretty good start - dig it

  2. How lovely to start your morning with a horse and snow?

  3. "A thin crispy crackle
    of icy snow
    crunches underfoot
    as I walk to the barn."

    I love these lines- and the last two-

    there's just so much noise and colour in them. :)

  4. Beautiful, Sherry! I also love "thin crispy crackle of icy snow"!

  5. Beautiful Sherry, I miss that crunchy snow sound
    Your horse is so pretty
    I can see you walking
    : )

  6. Awesome, Sherry. Hard to know what four years in the future will bring, isn't it?

  7. I like that winter morning and walking to the barn. Hopefully 4 years from now, your morning looks as beautiful as ever ~

  8. Sometimes its hard to get of bed on those crispy crackly mornings....but the horses sure do appreciate it. I remember taking turns with my sister feeding the horses, goats and chickens on cold colorado mornings....that chill. and having to break the ice in the bathtub we used for a waterer. You stirred some memories on this one. Great job.

  9. what a beautiful morning...the snow and they beauty of your horses. Even though it is cold it is the stuff of memories.

  10. What a lovely start to your day. We had another snow storm Monday night and most of the day yesterday. Left another ton of snow to shovel. Will be so pleased to see signs of spring here now.
    This is lovely Sherry

  11. Hi Sherry! What a LOVELY site you have here! You obviously live in a beautiful area ... my goodness! Much fodder for poems and photos. Love the description of your morning, Sherry.

  12. I enjoyed visiting your morning. It sounds heavenly...but your last stanza sent a jolt through my body...2016 I'll be almost 50!!! yikes:)

  13. Oh my how this makes me miss the horses ... so very, very long ago. Your language here is to perfection, I know exactly what it was like outside your home. 63 degrees here today. Went out for a bit. Cough decreasing daily by about a quarter inch (I realize that makes no sense) but I am sure you will get it. Our electric went out tonight, not for long gratefully. I am hoping that your week is lovely ... with time to yourself. Hugs.

  14. Your morning sounds beautiful, albeit COLD! I love the image of crocuses with snow on them, although in reality I get angry when I think spring is finally coming and then winter reappears!

  15. Great description throughout, I really felt like I was walking to the barn with you!

  16. Lovely word picture...I feel like I am right there besides you as you walk to barn.


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