Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Elephant I Carry

Heavy - by GeeeO at deviantart

Kerry, at Real Toads, has offered us a marvellous assortment of
pictures as prompts this wacky Wednesday. The genre is called Magic Realism and, apparently, I love it. Who knew?

These are the words that "just came" when I looked at this photo. As usual, the message in these channeled poems makes me realize I know more than I seem to know, or choose to listen to. Do click on over to Toads and read the other brilliant reponses to the prompts. You will be so glad that you did.

The elephant I carry
keeps trying to slip off
my shoulders and take flight.

He is tired of curling up
around my neck.
He wants to see the world.

I ply him with teacakes
and blackberry jam.
That placates him
till the last crumb
has been swallowed.

But then off he goes again,
trying to soar,
and I have to reel him
back in.

Why is it,
when we both long to be free,
that we just dont seem able
to sever the tie?


  1. Wow, Sherry! This is just amazing work. The opening image is so magical, and you make it seem completely possible. I guess we all carry elephants around with us, I've just never thought of it like this before - feeding them sweet things so they will stay instead of severing the ties that bind us to our encumbrances. This really made me think.

  2. Cool, Kerry. It made ME think too, hee hee. There must be a wise woman inside me, trying to get out and slap me upside the head:)

  3. Oh, what a delight! So, stop with the teacakes and let him go!

  4. I like this, Sherry. But at least the elephant on your proverbial back is recognized and being dealt with, unlike 'the elephant in the living room' which some people have and totally ignore. LOL.

  5. Wow, an elephant is even heavier than a monkey on your back! I think he's trying to tell you something!

  6. Well, I refuse to even acknowledge the elephant in the poem! :-P

  7. Wonderful, Sherry, and I'm sure there's a message in here for you, coming from that wise woman inside you.
    Yes, this is wonderful, and I am full of wonder at the old woman's wisdom.

  8. Elephants have that really ancient and wise look, Sherry--you think they'd be able to fly away at will, wouldn't you?

  9. Nice bribing with teacakes and blackberry jam. I look at it as a muse that we carry along as write, they stay with us :-)

  10. Perhaps we cling to hard to what we know even if it doesn't make us happy instead of facing what is totally unknown....excellent Piece!

  11. Great twist at the end, Sherry. The whimsy of the picture is matched by your words. Love this pachyderm's favorite foods, the crumbs... sweet, sweet read. Amy

  12. Great question!

    At least he's not hiding in the frig. :)

  13. Why not ride the elephant and let it take you where you both want to go?
    Great imagery Sherry :)

  14. I like this so much. I think you and your elephant should just fly off together and see what other magic you can find.

  15. So much like real life...the elephant wants to be let go...and we want to let it go...but for some unknown reason-can't! Pride? foolishness?

  16. My elephant and I have been playing this game for awhile too. Thanks for putting this into words, dear friend. I will try desperately to make it to Chars...:)And we still must have tea!!!!!


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