Saturday, February 18, 2012

Morning Song, Evening Prayer

photo of sunrise at Chestermans by Stephanie Dawn

Hmmm.....I was looking through my drafts to see if I could find something to post this morning - and this popped up. I dont remember writing it. I offer it here as I wait for inspiration to strike for something new:) (I am So Tired, my brain is in neutral right now.)

Wild Woman
is singing her morning song,
a song of birds winging
across the dawn,
a song of blue skies
and the rolling hills,
a song of new hope
now the night has gone.

It's a song of the mist
rising off the earth,
the sun and the cycle
of death and rebirth,
the trail setting out
on the way to Tomorrow:
a heart that holds joy
far more than sorrow.

In the afternoon sun
golden poplars glow,
leaves rippling
like  lanterns
presaging snow.

As the sun goes down,
it's a time for prayer.
She sends it up
in the frosty air:
another day ending,
the night begun,
may God bless 
all creatures
under the sun.


  1. I love this wild woman. I hope she gets some well-deserved rest this weekend :)

  2. Serenely divine rhymes. Sweet sweet sweet.

  3. Sherry, would you consider turning off 'word verification.' I have. It is harder and harder to respond with those difficult double words. Sometimes I have to try three times before it 'works.'

    This is a beautiful poem. "Wild Woman" has so many different songs throughout the day!

  4. Sherry this is a beautiful poem. It's nice that you have a collection of your work from which to chose.

    I'm sorry you're so tired. Take good care. Enjoy the weekend.


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