Monday, February 27, 2012

Hidden Inlet

I heard of a new trail in town that winds along the inlet with great water views. It will eventually be connected to the trail running all the way up the west side of Vancouver Island. Right now it connects China Creek Park with, presumably, the trail along Harbour Quay.
It's a twelve kilometer trail.

Excitedly, I headed out, camera slung around my neck.
I only wanted to go to where I could see the inlet.

This is Mount Arrowsmith, the Big Kahuna around these parts.
It was on my left as I climbed.

The Big Kahuna close up (zoom lens).

The trail started off nicely enough. But  I  was very soon to discover,
it leads straight up the side of a steep hill.
On the town side, rather than the inlet side.
There was a mountain between me and where the water 
should be, on my right. 
I kept climbing.

It's a pretty trail, if you can risk taking your eyes off it 
to look around. 
Much zig-zagging,
much trying not to slip and fall down 
the slope of what soon
felt  more like mountain than hill.
Much heavy breathing.

It was worth it for this shot, though - my fave of the day.

I made it nearly to the top and was likely CLOSE to
where one might have seen water. 
But I couldn't risk having to walk too much farther, 
if it wasn't.
There was still my way back to make.
I turned back.

Kind of chuckled to myself that,
if it was the inlet I wanted to see,
I could more easily have done so
by driving to the Quay.
AND could have had a coffee and donut there, too.

Such was Wild Woman's
adventure today.
I had hoped for some lovely inlet shots
for right about here.

Maybe next time!


  1. What a wild woman journey have a brave determination to see the view.....what a lovely spirit you have!!

  2. Wow, I couldn't begin to do that, Sherry. Fabulous, to go up there and back. Congratulations for trying, Wild Woman. That's some serious scenery you've got there. Love your mountain!

  3. What a beautiful journey, Sherry. Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday!

  4. Wow! what a great trek! Thanks for sharing your world with us.


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