Friday, February 24, 2012

Rollin' on The River......

Hey, kids, some months back, a friend and fellow member of Poets United, River Urke, along with some of her talented friends and fellow staff members, started a way cool online art and literary journal called The River Journal.

It comes out every Friday, featuring the talent of many poets, artists, photographers. Each Friday it focusses on timely and thought-provoking  topics.  It took off right away,  and has been growing fast ever since. 

Now they have added an offshoot: The Literary Lounge, which offers slam poetry, as well as audio, video, and multimedia poetry performances and contests.

Any of you interested in slam poetry, contests and multimedia presentations might like to check it out. They are a young, active and very Now group, with great energy and new ideas.

Pretty cool.


  1. Thank you, Sherry!

    We published our 36th Issue today -Global Issues- Urban Art.

    The Literary Lounge will be hosting an upcoming Skit Slam at the end of March.

  2. Sherry, just out of curiosity, because you're the same age I am...what is a slam? Is it a good thing? And, if so, why does it sound like a bad thing?


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