Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Gods and Goddesses

[Three Goddesses image from]

I read that
some Taoists believe
each of us has gods
and goddesses
living inside us.

When we are kind
and are good
to ourselves,
and to others,
they are well pleased.

When we are unkind,
or abuse ourselves,
or others,
they get up and leave.

Perhaps that is
what has gone wrong
with some of our
more sinister
fellow humans,

why it is possible
for them to
such unthinkable

They first lost
their kindness
to self,
then to others,
 then lost their way,
in despair,
lacking hope,
their deities
have left them.


  1. Not all spirits are Some people have wicked deities, or they are letting evil consume them. Scary, but cool and enjoyable poem.

  2. I was thinking what Ollie said...

  3. Ollie, so true! That makes sense. Because in those filled with darkness,(as in those perpetrating genocide) there is no glimmer of light. Thanks for your comment. Broadens the scope.

  4. Very interesting idea. I hope to keep Goddess close, always.

  5. Interesting idea, that we all have gods and goddesses inside us. Hindus believe in it too.

  6. Thank you for sharing makes perfect sense :-)


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