Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alive in the Land of Poets

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In the land of poets,

Fireblossom is Queen
and Hedgewitch
Royal Scribe,
and Chief Collaborateur.

I read their words
in awe,
then retreat
to a dark corner
to quietly 
rend my garments.

I growl and mutter
to my Muse:
“Can you send me
an IDEA????

My Muse turns over
in bed,
and groans.......
"toooooo sleeeeeeepy!"
I poke her,
and hiss:
"I havent posted
a decent poem
in days,
and everyone is
Writing Greatness.

Because I have to,
I keep doing
my poor scribbling,
stick scratching on 
my little slate.

Fireblossom sits
on the mountaintop,
tossing down brilliancies
upon the hour.
I sit on a bench at
the foot of the mountain.
It is now afternoon.

in the reflected glow
of her brilliance,
my layabed Muse
wakes up,
begins to stir around,
and agrees that
there is still Writing
to be done,
let's just try to not let it be
Total Crap.

The fair Elizabeth
now shows up
in this discussion
just in time,
and tells me to
remove the word crap
from my vocabulary,
to stop listening
to my fatigue,
To listen to my soul
and write to that.
She gives a gentle nudge
right when it is
most needed
and I cant argue
with the truth
of that.

I nudge my Muse:
"It's time!
I really really mean it.
We may not
write greatness
but we can
write the truth
in the voice
that is ours.
we're still alive
I will be grateful
to be writing
at all."

I am rolling up my sleeves.
I am Getting Ready.
I am Plunging In.

Note to Readers:
No, the words do not flow as in days of old when they were a rushing torrent,
my fingers not fast  enough to keep up. But the words that come are mine,
sent out by a good, if exhausted, heart and true. I am happy to be alive this day and still writing.

And I am MOST happy because you are there, on the other side of this screen
this gray winter morning, my wonderful rich new world of poet friends, whose words shine their light on my soul and bid it step forth in return and answer the call of poetry.

My words will come a little easier and will strive to reach a little higher
because your eyes are reading them.

Bless you for that!


  1. Thanks for the tribute, Sherry. I am in complete awe of how amazingly talented--and prolific--Fireblossom is myself, writing constantly in that high calibre, each of her poems retaining its own clear and compelling vision. There are very few in her league, certainly not me.

    And I understand what you mean about waiting for the idea to come and the words to flow. For me, they do or they don't, and there's not much I can do about it. My advice is to just keep writing, and see what you get. ;-) I enjoy what you have to say, whenever it gets here.

    And thank you so much for all your kind words at my place. I look forward to them.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to these two...they are both wonderful imaginative writers... but you are unique yourself Sherry and being who you are is why we come to read your take us the the island, to your homeland and heart - you let us travel with you through your souls causes - are reignite our are a muse in your own right and respected for honesty and caring....

    "May the Muse be You, Always"....bkm

  3. it is so easy to be cranky and compare and judge ourselves....but just as easily, (if we choose) we can "listen to [your] soul
    instead and write to that"... just keep writing Sherry, you have so much to share, an it is uniquely your voice, that's why we come here to visit:)

  4. Thank you, kind friends. I do know that each of us has our own unique voice. Few can rise to the heights of the best - and I am truly grateful to be reading and sharing with everyone, which keeps me writing and motivated. It is hard on the days when the old brain resists, and this is one of them. But I had fun writing a fairy tale about it anyway:)

  5. Oh my goodness! *blushhhh*

    Thanks, gal, for the amazing kudos. But, I have it on the best authority that it is really FB's dog Bosco who writes all the poems. She just takes dictation. ;-)

    I'm sad....when my old desktop died, I lost the bookmark for that poem of yours that I loved so much. The lost love one.

    I would be remiss if I left without saying that this poem cracked me up. Poke that muse with a stick, get her moving! :-)

  6. Sherry a fine tribute to those ladies.
    Elizabeth has a heart of gold, I am glad you found her. I have been interacting with her for some time. I just recently met fireblossom and hedgewitch who are also fine poets. You are a wonderful writer and a great inspiration to me:)

  7. I always read your words, Sherry. I hope you consider me one of your poetic supporters too. I am always here on the other side of the screen. Know that.

  8. I really got a kick out of this. I love the inside/ouside conversation. I LOVE the dialogue! Especially love the poke and hiss part. HA!! It's great to find some poke and hiss here. All that aside, what I love about your writing is the consistent message that flows between the words, and your amazing attitude. Thing about that is, it's not something that can even be written about in itself, but we read it anyways.

    Now: as to this matter of my land when someone taps into great creativity the doctors usually deal with that with a handful of Pills. Perhaps she's escaped that?

    Heh. Food for thought. Maybe I should resist more... ;)


  9. Oh you all warm my heart so nicely:) Each of you are among the best poets around - what fine company I am keeping these days - this makes me very happy.

  10. Lovely tribute to some really talented people. But I place you up there too. You write beautifully. I always know that it comes from the heart.

  11. I'd love to say, "I told you so," but that wouldn't be a nice thing to do with a Talmud Angel. May you continue to receive all that you give, Sherry, and you can pull up your socks now because you've found your soul, lol.


  12. Truthful and revealing struggle poets have coming up with what chooses to leave from within, out onto the page! Beautiful Sherry!

  13. just a note to say that i always find many verdant words and images here, sherry, and to me, it appears that you have some kind of amazing muse. perspective! love, marian

  14. one of the best of yours.
    I smiled when I read it, both poetess are lucky and you rocked here.

    keep it up.

  15. Sherry,
    You are an inspiration and a great entertainer. From this post, as from all you do, I learned a bit; so you must also be a teacher.
    Loved this.
    Admire you.

  16. I love your land of poets. I live there, too. I just have never heard it described so wonderfully well. :)


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