Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Ferris Wheel in the Sky

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Here's what spoke to me today:

"Guatama said that when the Great Ferris Wheel

Stops turning, you will still be way up

There, swinging in your seat and laughing."

This is from Robrt Bly's poem
Hiding In a Drop of Water,
in the volume of verse titled
My Sentence Was a Thousand Years of Joy.

I like to think of us
all up there,
in the stars,
swinging and laughing,
saying "I didn't know Death
could be like this!"


  1. A very positive take on a not so positive state, Sherry. Cool. :-)

  2. What a lovely thought, Sherry.

  3. Love it Sherry. A few thoughts...I don't get why our culture and others are so afraid or disturbed by death. A natural cycle to life. It seems to me a lot of the people believe in a heaven and hell that fear death. Me nope instead I have told my family that I want everyone to wear purple hats at my funeral which is not to mourn my death but celebrate my life. I'm sure some people are going to just love the hat idea (sarcastic) :)
    Then oh Robert Bly a Minnesotan too. I have a picture of my youth in my mind of when I was brought to a reading of his.I bet I was my daughters age now. The Ananda Margis were there, drumming, and I will never forget him with his white hair. Thanks for the lovely memory this morning. You rock, Sherry. :)

  4. What an uplifitng thought. I think it's good to make a friend of death.


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