Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Grief

Just a question this morning. I saw the above photo posted at this morning. A line of "angels" protecting the funeral of the youngest victim of the Arizona shooting, nine year old Christina Green.

I am not following the news closely, and just know what I read on Allie's site. Apparently the Westboro Church plans to protest outside the funeral. She reports this line of angels will protect the funeral, separating the expected protestors from the mourners.

This is in response to a hate-filled press release from the Westboro Baptist Church, whose inflammatory statements have upset people far and wide. The press release says, in part , that the shootings "are part of a divine plan. Thank God for the shooter", and far more sickening statements.

A law was actually passed to protect the funeral. The wall of angels and local citizens plan to form a protective wall to keep this ugliness from disturbing those in mourning.

My question? What kind of world do we have, when mourners must be protected from such inflammatory behavior in a time of grieving? And how on earth can people spout such gibberish, in the name of God and religion, and believe they are in the right?

The expression "good grief" came to mind, and I looked more closely at it. Good grief is grief that cleanses and helps heal..............hatred, bigotry, inflammatory statements, have no part in it.

Bless the angels and the citizens of Arizona, who will stand for love and decency and the rights of grieving people to proceed into the funeral of an innocent nine year old girl, untouched by such a display of mental and moral aberration.



  1. Good heavens! What has this world come to?
    It just doesn't seem possible, does it?

  2. This began with the Mathew Shepherd murder, when two young man beat Mathew and tied him to a rail fence and then left him to die because he was gay. Phelps and his crazy Westboro bunch showed up spewing their hate, and people dressed as angels lined the road and stood in silent rebuke.

    Since then Phelps's small bunch of zealots has turned up at the funerals of servicemen, claiming their deaths are divine punishment on the nation for tolerating homosexuality, which they have an elephant sized bug up their butt about.

    Love your neighbor...they're doin it wrong, as the lolcats say.

  3. Good grief indeed. Thanks for filling in some blanks, Fireblossom. No wonder old people are tired. This is discouraging. But thank God for the angels standing guard!

  4. I am a happy, proud Tucsonan.This town is filled with love and support and encouragement and acceptance. I am pleased that our community set about preventing this group from achieving its goal. We will have, as you have so aptly implied, "good grief."


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