Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The whole
has fallen
eerily silent.
No black dog
barking importantly
in the yard.
You left a silence
as vast as Siberia
behind you.

You had
such a large
that your absence
feels as expansive
as a crater
on the moon,
and as lonely.

I've been
looking for you
and couldnt find you.
I've been listening
for your wolf-call
on the air.

The prayer-flags
have been flying
at half-mast
on Plested Road.

only this morning,
I heard you
right beside
my bed,
felt your nose
on the edge
of the mattress,
the way it always did
when I stayed in bed
too long
and you
wanted Out.

It made me cry
with missing you,
but I am grateful
your spirit
has found
its way

The hard work
of living:
I must learn
to walk
with your spirit, now,
the way,
for fourteen years,
you walked
with mine.
So grateful,
I am so grateful,
for your
in my life.


  1. Very touching, Sherry. I am glad that Pup's spirit found its way back to you....this had happened with my earlier dogs too, after they crossed the bridge.

  2. Yes! Although you grieve, and should, knowing your spiritual connection will be a blessing forever.

  3. grieving takes is time and toll...i remember dreaming about the dog i lost...sometimes he still appears there ...blessings...bkm

  4. I love the fact that he came back to wake you up. It's time now,


  5. See? He's still with you, watching over you.

  6. I love that you felt his spirit, today~
    It gives us comfort, when we see, hear or
    smell signs of things we know!xXx

  7. This is a beautiful tribute. I lost two in the last few years...my heart goes out to you.

  8. oh sherry, i am so sorry to hear about pup's passing. because i was away from blogging for quite sometime, i learned about this sad news only now. i know how difficult this must be for you... in life, there comes a time when we've got to let go. but then his presence proves that his love for you transcends death. he continues to love you and watch over you.


    much love,

  9. A beautiful and moving poem, and like the others posting, I also am glad you feel your spirit dog beside you, and within you.

  10. oh sherry, those we love never really leave us, never ever, not completely.

    ooooh my word verification is shines!!! how apropos...his spirit shines forever in your heart:)

  11. I've read through the posts since the 15th, but left no comment. I couldn't find any way to say what I feel. I'm so glad Pup's spirit has found its way to you. I knew that after so many years of being your companion, your protector, your joy, Pup was never going to leave for good. He'll always be by your side and in your heart.


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