Friday, February 23, 2024

Small Bird


Do you feel it? That sadness, riding along
under the surface, as we go about our days,
smiling, chatting, straightening up things
in the yard that the wind toppled over.
How could we not be feeling it, that
sinking of the heart as we watch the news,
humans suffering the unthinkable horrors of war
- civilians, who arent even waging war, yet
suffering like soldiers.

It feels schizophrenic - two realities existing
side by side - spring coming to life outside
my window, puppies, beach walks,
sitting out front in the sun; and war,
bombing, starvation, limbs blown off,
desperate mothers trying to find food
for starving children.

This is not the best we can do.

And why are they flying to the moon
when earth is in such distress? When 
money is needed to protect the world
from fascism, to combat the climate crisis,
to house the homeless, to care for
the mentally ill.

Do you feel it? That sadness?
I envy the birds, busily making their nests,
busily hopping among the branches,
settling into their new home with satisfied chirps.
The birds, who own only feathers,
are so much happier than we are.

Small Bird, teach me your song.


  1. Beautiful poem... I think we're writing to the same themes, Sherry... your poems are gentler and more poignant!

  2. I think you do *too* care about humans more than other animals. You are positively careworn about humans!


  3. Love your little bird and your ending sentence. They seem tirelessly happy, especially in spring. I have to believe that somehow flying to the moon will help us in the future. Gotta stay hopeful Sherry!! Especially this morning as the sun shines and spring around the corner.

  4. Teach me small birds your song...there is wisdom in birds and nature. I have been concerned that nesting seems to be happening a month early here. I wonder what will happen if there is a turn of bad weather in March. sigh...we need to keep hope in our heart and listen to the bird songs while we can.

  5. So very true that this is not the best we as humans can do! I also think it might be true that birds, with so very little, are happier than humans with their abundance.


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