Thursday, February 22, 2024


At mid-life, aware of the many ways
we have failed ourselves and each other,
we find words of apology, ask forgiveness
for our lack of wholeness.

But, when we are older and wiser,
once we have healed,
have come to terms with what was, understood
why we did the things we did,
out of our ignorance
and pain and lack of self-worth -
after we have learned to apply compassion
to ourselves, as well as those who hurt us
out of their own inadequacies -

we surrender to all that cannot be re-lived or remedied.
Words spoken out loud are measured, now; silence
is our friend, as we watch the cacophony of life
all around, become the observer, reserve judgment.

We may wish to dream back all we have lost,
but we keep living forward, farther and farther
from those old heartbreaks. Sorrow has taken root
in our hearts, tears we did not know how to shed
back then flow easily, over every small thing.
We now understand our grandparents' tender hearts,
now living in our own chests.
(Too late smart, my father said,
with his wry grin.)

Too late to do it all again, only better.
Too late to say I'm sorry I knew so little
for such a long time.
We are floating on a surrendering tide,
that is drawing us inevitably
out to sea.
The boat I sailed through stormy waters
is battered now, and drifting,
grateful to have reached
calm waters.



  1. Sherry, as always ... you make magic in reminding us of who we were, are, continue to be. I love this poem. I have saved it and (with your permission) would love to have it read (eliminating only your father's words) at the totally raucous celebration of my life. I also have a "comprehensive" list of music to be played at the celebration. My children have (though they think me batty at times) given their OK on the music! Ending with 'Stars and Stripes Forever.' Since I won't be here, a moot point. LOL
    Please say yes.

    1. Permission granted to delete comment if you think inappropriate.

    2. Helen, of course you can, though I hope that wont be for a long time poem is very humble, but if it speaks to you, you are welcome to use it however you wish. Smiles.

  2. "Too late, smart." Your father said, and mine, and on down the line.

  3. Yes, we do indeed surrender to all that cannot be relived or remedied. We just continue to live best we can moving forward.And so true, to late to say I'm sorry about any regrets. We just have to enjoy the calm waters best we can! This is a wonderful poem, Sherry.

    And my parents said "Too late smart" too. Smiles.

  4. A lot of wisdom here. Arriving at calm water seems alright to me!

  5. Calm waters sounds good.


  6. Dreaming our souls back home can be difficult to do. I think the journey is finding a place we can feel whole again. The calm water lets us reflect in peace and find a current forward. Have a calm day my friend.


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