Saturday, January 15, 2022




When I entered the forest,
they told me I wouldn't need
my glasses there, in that place
where one sees with the heart.
I hung them on a twig,
and followed the path
to where the puma waited
in her enclosure
for her daily walk.

Ola, Wayra, I whispered.
Her eyes were green and so pure.
She was a mix of all that had
happened to her
before the sanctuary,
and the young being's hope
that this improvement
in circumstances
would last.

It awes me how animals
still let themselves trust
after all they have suffered.

I let her out of her enclosure,
walked, holding her leash,
(and my breath)
down the trail, let her into
the larger space
where she could feel free
yet be safe
within borders.

She couldn't believe it. She ran
around and around.
Then she came to me,
laid her head on my knee.
Her eyes,
as green as the sea,
said thank you.

I just read a book titled The Puma Years by Laura Coleman, a memoir about her work through the years in a sanctuary in the Amazon. It is for wild animals rescued from terrible abuse, who are unable to live on their own in the wild any more. Wayra, a puma, was her special connection. The book is amazing, and the deforestation and wildfires that are steadily encroaching on this refuge are briefly described. There are a band of volunteers living in rough situations, without water, without electricity, yet they stay there year after year to care for the animals so harmed by the way humans live on this earth.

for The Sunday Muse


  1. Seeing with our hearts … a skill you have mastered. I love the poem and really appreciated the notes. Lovely writing, Sherry.

  2. This is an amazing poem and story. A place where one sees with the heart is the best place to focus ones energy.

    I will have to look for this book.

  3. I absolutely love this story poem Sherry and the beauty of love for nature it holds. Thank you for sharing about the book. I want to read it. Wonderful writing my friend!

  4. Wish we could all see with hearts. Beautiful poem Sherry.

  5. What a beautiful creature.Cruelty to animals is unforgiveable...God bless those wonderful volunteers.

  6. Animals bring us so much, a simplicity and truth of soul we have lost along the evolutionary trail, but some of us who have hearts miss sorely and find only with them. A beautiful poem, Sherry, and a story to cherish.

  7. You took me right into the world between you and Wayra.

  8. Luv that your heart's sight alliws you to hang up your specs as you walk into the forest.
    Oh your endnote took me back to a lovley movie of elephant rescue i viewed over the holidays titled, Holiday In The Wild

    Happy Sunday

    Much love...

  9. Then she came to me,
    laid her head on my knee.
    Her eyes, as green as the sea,
    said thank you

    One can't really know or feel how they suffer leashed up. If only they could talk of the frustrations and despair!


  10. it really is amazing how animals continue to trust humans who do nothing to earn their trust.

  11. I loved the story on which your poem is based. Touching. Lovely.

  12. that souns like a pretty interesting book, i will look for that, thanks for the tip... and very well penned

  13. "in that place
    where one sees with the heart" - yes.

  14. You do see with your heart, Sherry.
    This is beautiful. Thanks for the note on the book.

  15. You brought me to tears on this one Sherry. Why we humans can be at such extreme ends of the poles of behavior is a mystery.


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