Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Once I Had a Starling's Heart


Once I had a starling's heart
that wind-surfed
the blue sky.
It swooped and dived
depending on
what feral hearts
flew by.

Pain perched me
in high branches.
Though the gypsies
caught my eye,
and  I longed to join
their gay parade, 
I was
too wind-burnt to try.

Time slowed the clock
while I communed
with the spirits
in the trees.
Weave my coffin
out of seagrass, then,
and plant me
where you please.

LOL. For Shay's word list.


  1. That is really a beautiful poem, Sherry. Especially the last two lines!

  2. Nice, wistful, Sherry. So glad to see you at the list!

  3. Aah so poignant.. but the opening line..Once I had a starling's heart - is perfect!!!

  4. "Weave my coffin
    out of seagrass, then,
    and plant me
    where you please." - perfect.

  5. I lived your write tonight, Sherry. Especially the Gypsie part, they came into our Nebraska farm neighborhood and hung around for about a week. Mom kept tabs on us as she said they take little boys.

  6. Beautiful in word and in thought here, Sherry, especially the close. It's cold at the top of the tree sometimes.

  7. Made my heart soar, Sherry. My children know to scatter me "where they please."

  8. this is a beautiful celebration of life sherry, the ending feels like an epitaph. well done

  9. I think the starling still flies where it will, joyful in its journeys.


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