Saturday, October 16, 2021

White Bird in the Time of Cholera


I was a white bird
in the time of cholera,
under my disguise
a woman perched
between past and future,
no telling which way
the pendulum would fall.

A long beak, hooded, hidden eyes,
they cowered when I walked the aisles,
not knowing that, within,
I was weaker by far than they,
just waiting for my costume
to be stripped away.

I was a white bird, a hooded eye,
a long beak with a question in my heart,
and they cowered when I walked the aisles,
until I picked the one with whom
I'd practice my ghoulish wiles.

for Shay at The Sunday Muse


  1. I see depth in this poem. It speaks (to me) of the “costume” we wear to disguise our true selves.
    Good writing Sherry.

  2. I...I...what is going on here?!? This is the definition of eeriness, both for the speaker and those among whom she makes her choice. Great balance of fear on multiple sides.

  3. Death stalks the infirmary?! Gave me a chill!

  4. "...not knowing that, within,/I was weaker by far than they.." This has a haunting quality to it, Sherry, of masks and what they may cover. I also love the last stanza. Really excellent take on the pic, and the season.

  5. The photo gave me the chills, and your poem made me even chillier!

  6. "I was a white bird / in the time of cholera" is a fabulous opening line!

  7. A chilling write Sherry.
    Happy Sunday
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  8. Sherry, this was a fun read for me? A wardrobe malfunction? This might mean a wedding, "they cowered when I walked the aisles, until I picked the one with whom ..."

  9. I love this so much Sherry!! From the stunning opening line to the question in my heart and the eerie and fabulous close!! Wonderful my friend!!

  10. Oh my, Sherry, I was pulled along down the aisle with the bird until my heart skipped a terrified beat at the end. You've woven a deep, dark character from this image. So frightening!

  11. This is very atmospheric, Sherry!!!

  12. a great closing line to a sharply eerie pen ~

  13. Yea! A delightfully dark poem from you. Love it!

  14. So you do have some badass in you after all! Cackle!


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