Saturday, October 16, 2021



A 12 year voyage to the stars,
no expense spared for space flights,
but the cost of lowering emissions
and transitioning to clean energy
on earth is deemed too dear.

This is a very strange world,
gasping in accelerating heat,
flooded by accelerating storms,
burning up in wildfires,

yet they build a spaceship to the stars
while, on earth, climate refugees
find no food,
no shelter,
no safe place.

I saw Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds launch and couldnt help but wonder at the expense when, here on earth, governments deem addressing the climate crisis to be "too expensive." Sigh. It's a mad, mad world. Makes no sense.


  1. I agree. Our leaders (the super rich, huge corporations) are mad with the race to space, while rejecting our own planet.

  2. To fight climate change en masse would run about $350 billion next year.

    Since Covid began, the world's richest billionaires gained $1.8 trillion in wealth, but pay lower taxes than most people earning $100k a year.

    There's a way. If there's will. ~


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