Monday, October 25, 2021

I Look for You


When the veil grows thin
between your world and mine,
do you ever visit me? This is the time
when spirits walk among us.
I look for you.

At the witching hour, I listen
for your lonely howl, echoing 
down the mountain.

Sometimes I fancy your paws
still padding beside me,
as they did during your dying year,
I readying myself for heartbreak
that has never really eased.

I miss you, still.
I always will - you, my wild one,
my soulmate, my companion
in our love of wilderness.

When the veil grows thin,
I almost see you, ghostly,
flitting among the misty trees,
or galloping a wild shore, 
too far ahead for me to catch up.

But I will, one of these days,
join you in the ether. I picture
that joyous reunion.
I will wear pockets
stuffed with treats
just for you.

- for Pup

Pup leaping for a treat -
Dog of Joy

At earthweal we are contemplating Samhain, the time of year when spirits walk among us. The morning after Pup died, right when they would have been cremating him, I felt his snout on the edge of my bed, the way he woke me every morning - and that one last time.


  1. A heart so full of love for a companion will never forget that union. This poem reaches so surely across to all the places where Pup still roams. Loved it.

  2. I have no doubt that you felt Pup's nose, and will feel it again.

  3. I will wear pockets
    stuffed with treats
    just for you... oh that was a heartbreaking line... so much love...

  4. What a lovely gift Pup brought you and what lovely memories of Pup still live on. These connections are forever. Lovely to have loved like that. You are blessed.
    (A hug)
    Thanks for sharing your story with us in the lovely poem. I bless you. Happy Samhain 👏

  5. I can feel the strong connection between you and Pup in your words. Though physically separated now, your spirits still walk together I think.

  6. Beautiful poem of loss and hope of being reunited.

  7. Amazing how a dog can wiggle into our hearts. I'm sorry you lost your beloved friend. "I still wear pockets stuffed with treats". Is another pup in your future?

  8. I am so sorry for your heartache, Sherry! For sure the veil is thin between the two of you, and always will be until you are reunited.

  9. There’s a big part of me that looks forward to walking through that veil where all my four legged friends will greet me.

  10. The pockets stuffed with treats! I welled up. So tender, Sherry.

  11. ...or are you trying to attract one?! I've heard and felt vivid memory-ghosts of departed animals too...and of course felt the urge to find other animals of the same species, if only to eat up the food they left behind.

  12. Touching poem, our dear Sherry..
    Pup is with you..always..
    He is in the air you breathe..
    In the water you drink..
    Alive in all your heartbeats..
    I'm sure my Steve is playing with him!
    Love to you..

  13. Oh, this is so touching and moving, Sherry. It will be a joyous reunion for sure, but none too soon! (LOL)

  14. I love the last stanza, so full of love..."I will wear pockets stuffed with treats just for you"...may we all strive towards a love so boundless and full. Thank you ~Frankie

  15. A love song that wisps a way across the veil, where spirit dog's mouth waters in the knowledge of treats to come.


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