Friday, July 17, 2020

When You Dare to Dream a Little Dream

This is what life does. It brings you out of the desert, where you had felt displaced for so long, your spirit falling silent, and plunks you down beside the sea. Joyous, invigorated, enlivened, pinching yourself in disbelief and gratitude, you repeat the mantra daily: “I’m here! I did it! I made my dream come true!”

This is what life does: it brings illness, no employment, so you have to sell your little trailer and move away from the source of all that joy. It demands that you learn to be happy in the last place on earth you ever wanted to live. So, over time, you do. And, only then, it allows you to return to the sea.

What a reunion! Smiling starfish, giggly anemone waving their little arms, happy grinning dogs lolloping along the beach, sea-song, sunrises and sunsets beautiful enough to break your heart.

You are old now, so you hobble, not lope, along the beach, cane tapping. But you are still grinning, like someone reuniting with that one lover you never stopped loving, and it is even better for having missed them for so long.

This is what life does: it dares you to dream an impossible dream and, if you trust, and believe, and refuse to give it up, it helps you to make it possible. Sometimes not just once, but twice.

Wild Writing with Laurie Wagner


  1. Yes, that is what life does indeed. The goods and the bads. But it has not beaten you down, Sherry. You are still grinning, and who knows there yet may be a fulfillment of another 'impossible dream.'

  2. That would be a PUPPY!!!!!! Smiles. Or, more realistically, an older small dog that doesnt need a ton of exercise.

    1. May this happen! I know this would bring you such joy.

  3. You are, to me, proof that those who really are strong and believe will manifest their dreams. That old "puppy" will join you soon.


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