Monday, July 6, 2020


I am well if you are well,
we say to each other.
That part is easy.
But how can I be well
when animals are suffering and dying?
when the tundra and the icebergs are melting,
and Mother Earth everywhere is crying -

while the general population,
distracted by our many daily woes,
can't open our minds wide enough
to see how far we all still have to go?

I have carried my earth grief
for an age, seeing the beauty blaze,
and the destruction rage,
on this planet blue and green,
once so pristine,
that we have ravaged at such cost,
I can't see far beyond
all we have lost.

My heart holds love and sorrow,
for Mother Earth; can find no ease,
until we make that evolutionary leap
from our long sleep:
see we are as endangered
as wild creatures, starving whales
and old growth trees -
and that to heal the earth
we alone hold all the keys.

for Sarah at Earthweal: who poses the challenge to become connected, not just with other humans, but with the whole ecosystem - such an inspiring leap, and  one we must make if we are to survive as a species.


  1. Very sad how 'we have all the keys' and are continuing to ignore doing what we could do. Humans are such a selfish lot.

  2. dearest sherry! have faith! the grass is still green though the mower is sharp! the sea will still kiss your feet, amongst the plastic and bones. this tree dies and falls, another grows. you have such a good heart! may it open wide!

  3. I totally agree with you. I too feel that sense that time is fast running out. I have always talked up about holding onto hope but lately I'm thinking this thing could go either way. It's up to us. As you say - we alone hold the keys. Suzanne - Mapping Uncertainty

  4. Ah, Sherry - "earth grief" is such an expressive phrase. I love your journey in this poem from the heart of ubuntu to a wider connection with the living web. You are a word witch.

  5. Your poem expresses the idea of ubuntu so beautifully, and I agree with Sarah about ‘earth grief’ – I think the term should be adopted worldwide. I also love the journey from ubuntu to a wider connection with the living web. Sadly, big brains do not mean big minds.

  6. What's that old saying in the Bible? Love thy neighbor as thyself. That's the heart of ubuntu; and if we could but do that in the human community we might find that extends to the living (and even nonliving) communities on Earth and beyond It has to start simply. Even that first step seems infinitely too much. But our hearts have grown fast to the world, Sherry. There's nothing we can do for each other that we must not fail to do for the world.

  7. Mother Earth; can find no ease,
    until we make that evolutionary leap
    from our long sleep

    Mother Earth is all that we have. We have to take good care of it. Yes Sherry,we have allowed the abuse for too long!


  8. Your pain is evident in your words. But I do believe all the work we do towards healing makes a difference. And I too hope that more will join in this important work--we need everyone.

  9. I like that you speak about our own endangerment, which many choose to ignore, thinking that money is perhaps the answer to all our ills. I think having a connection with all creatures, makes us more human. Lovely poem Sherry.

  10. Yes - Earth grief is the perfect term. And you are so right - all cannot be well until we broaden our understanding and open our hearts to who and what that "all" is.


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