Saturday, July 28, 2018

Postcard from the Edge of the World

I'm standing on the rim of the world,
at the far edge of far, 
next stop Japan.

I am thinking of you.

The news is bad.
It is very bad.

But the view is beautiful
from here.

I send you
a small postcard
of hope
across the waves.

May it reach you
in time.

for   Kim's  prompt at Real Toads: to write a postcard from the seaside. I re-wrote a postcard poem from 2017 for this prompt. I had more hope the first time I wrote it. Smiles.


  1. Oh, a postcard of hope even in times of the bad news sounds so bitter-sweet. I found "at the far edge of far" so thrilling though.

  2. A beautiful postcard of hope rising from bad times to come Sherry.
    I loved reading it, though feared for the world...
    Anna :o]

  3. A very simple short and typical p/card talk reminiscent of the old days.Love it Sherry!


  4. I was thinking this was from WWII ... surely a much worse time? I have stood in the ocean and thought... wow - there is nothing separating me from the other continent... So cool.

  5. I love the title, Sherry, and your small postcard of hope is a shining pearl from the sea. The opening lines are superb: 'the rim of the world,
    at the far edge of far'.
    I also get the feeling this postcard could be from WW2.

  6. This is beautifully evocative, Sherry 💞

  7. I love this ... i still in hope, especially when i watch the sea... I like the way that the recipient is universal...

  8. 'The newes is bad, very bad' ~~~ your words describe war in a nutshell. 'At the far edge of far' is breathtaking.

  9. Nice card. Sherry, but with a scary message. I am thinking that the recipient knew what was happening. For sure it wasn't good.

  10. so many ways to read this postcard - prayerful, hopeful, dreamy ....has an edge I wonder too if it is more here and now and personal

  11. I really like the flow of this one! I read and enjoyed it twice!


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