Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Into Space and Sky

He lived in the city,
but longed for the wilderness;
captive in his condo,
his soul hemmed in
on every side.

One day,
looking up,
he saw an eagle 
between two skyscrapers,
and felt his heart explode
with the longing
to fly free.

Within two months,
he was living
on a small island,
his sweet cabin
looking out
across forest and ocean.

A year ago,
he passed away
in that small cabin,
once more
free of his fetters,
into space and sky.

True story. My friend Matthew and I shared a love of and longing for the wilderness. He made many trips to visit me in Tofino in the 90's, where we stalked the sunset and communed with old growth.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: City


  1. Ah! Sometimes it isn't until we're hemmed in that we look up and see our eagle spirit guide. A city can reveal what's lacking.

  2. A tribute filled compassion and love for your dear friend, Matthew, Sherry. When I'm gone, I hope someone write such a poem for me.

  3. Re your visit to my blog today. Happy you dropped by Sherry

    Actually my poem today is 4 Sijo in a sequence to be read as one poem
    They can be read indivadually or in the intended sequence of today.
    Happy you dropped by Sherry

    much love

  4. luv the resonance in your poem today Sherry

    much love...

  5. I love the bravery of him being able to shirk city life. You told it well.

  6. A beautiful poem and tribute to your friend Sherry!

  7. So lovely, Sherry. We understand Matthew so well. Cities are prisons for souls longing for true freedom. Eagles, yes, poets are eagles whose feathers write invisible rhymes in the sky. A hug, dear friend (SSteve&Trini)

  8. Isn't it strange that you can feel lost in a city but at home in the wild with is beautiful embrace? It is so good to remember old friends in such a way.

  9. Nature is good at reminding us what we want and need, and where we belong.

  10. I don't think city does any good to a soul like your friend's. This is a beautiful tribute to celebrate someone who truly realized freedom.

  11. stalked the sunset and communed with old growth.. a great tribute to a wild soul.

  12. I am so glad your friend was able to live the end of his life surrounded by his love of nature, Sherry.
    Earlier this year I watched a series on the Hebrides ( and I would to live out my days there, travelling from island to island, sleeping in a tent and cooking over an open fire. If only...
    Anna :o]

  13. For those of us who have known different, the cities leave a longing for open spaces and silence broken only by the sounds of nature. Bravo for your friend!


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