Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I did not find wolves.
A wolf found me.
On the island,
a small wolf-pup, 
was found alone, half-dead
in the March rains,
where he had been living
at the dump.
I took him home
and our wild journey began.

We saved each other.

Oh, he was wild!
Hilarious and cunning,
he made me laugh every day
for fourteen years.
I was never alone
when he was with me.
He opened my heart,
which had been so disappointed.
He filled it with his presence,
and the only unconditional love
I had ever known.
Devoted, his eyes never left me.

he cried, each time I drove away,
as mournful as if the parting was
Ecstatic noisy barks, on my return.
He would stand and try to hug me,
convinced he was a person.
And, in his gaze, I saw such knowing,
such intelligence, such intuition,
it was like a human in a former life
had found me again, this lifetime,
in the form of a wolf.
I recognized those eyes.
They saw through to my soul.

It was for him,
I sought the wild places every day,
for we both needed them
to survive.
It was for him,
(and me)
we always had to live
with space and greenness around us.
Our spirits resisted
confinement, longed for
forest, river, shore.

The saddest thing about wolves
is that they die.
Once a wolf has been your soulmate,
you are forever bereft,
once they are gone.
But, once, I loved a wild thing,
and his memory is what helps me
to go on.


  1. Oh what a wonderful relationship you have had with animals Sherry. This is a beautiful tribute to that and to your beloved Wolf. It is like you said I think they do find us, not us finding them. I have always felt that dogs are kind of like angels. They are blessings God sends our way.

  2. "But once, I loved a wild thing" - I love this line!

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  4. Pup was your best friend, Sherry. I believe this to be a true tale, perhaps fine tuned a bit, poet's privelege. I do wish I could have met him and maybe played some. Adi too would have liked him.

    1. Every word is true, Jim. Pup was always larger than life. He was a wonder.

  5. What a big beautiful boy. What a blessing you have been to each other.

  6. the comfort of the creatures, most often arriving when least expected - perhaps it was more than fortune or fate that you were destined to meet and share your lives together ... a blessing for which you can be forever, eternally grateful ...
    and yes, in the wild things, spaces, creatures, interactions, are where the heart seems to prosper and expand the most ....

  7. What a rewarding relationship to have had in your life. Animals bring such joy.

  8. Give thanks for the privilege of so special an experience.Our pets can teach us so much.

  9. Such s wonder was Pup. He truly did save you as you saved him. I always love to read about him although the poems make me cry

  10. "but once I loved a wild thing"... such a beautiful relationship...one that everyone looks for and few find.

  11. And his memory is always around you, like a living coat that grows with you. Because once we love a "wild thing", their wild is added to our wild... and that can never be torn.

  12. I sought the wild places every day,
    for we both needed them
    to survive.
    It was for him,
    (and me)
    we always had to live

    For the love of a living soul human or otherwise, one takes the bother of making things bearable for both. Emotions may trigger off good tidings unrehearsed! Rightly so Sherry!


  13. Just today, I had to lay another dog to rest, so these words have touched me very deeply. Thank you, Sherry, for the reminder that it is a privilege to have a canine companion.

  14. Perhaps you have put your finger on the answer to life. The sadness is death, and the joy is living. What a treasure he was!! I love your poem! Perhaps he came to teach you to love, as you had never loved before, and now you give it to others?

  15. Touching poem, Sherry. Your relationship was much more than human for your souls shared the same spiritual ideals. Be sure that your wild magical journey will go on beyond: he is waiting, longing for you too.


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