Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I Choose Peace

In the clamour and the drama
the cacophony, the turmoil,
in the unrest and the anger

I choose peace.

The talking heads are in consternation
with each day's new calamity.
I can control only myself.

I choose peace.

I am watching a train
speeding to destruction,
no one at the wheel. 
I cannot make it stop.
I get out of the way.

I choose peace. 

There are those demanding
that I give what 
I do not have to give:
solutions and peace 
they can only find within.
Helplessly, I watch their 
flailing, angry choices.

For myself, there is 
only one choice,
and it has been hard-won.

I choose peace.


  1. oh, the ending .... the choice, hard won -
    yes, yes, often it's not just an external fight with others, to choose differently, to choose peace -
    but also, within ourselves ... to fight our own demons and battles, and to learn how to define what "peace" means for us ... individually, and of course, in the broader sense, collectively.

    I really like the refrain - it's so simple: I choose peace
    but it's all the more powerful here, because the stanzas reinforce the idea - without getting us bogged down into so many particulars etc.

    Lovely, wonderful and powerfully reaffirming poem Sherry!

    Peace to you - Namaste.

  2. Thanks, Pat. How lovely. I have sought peace all my life and have always been surrounded by angry volatile people, people with addictions, or mental illness. Their volatility taught me to hold fast to my centre, to not go up and down with them, to stay steady, as much as is possible, in the moment. One cant control the angst of others, only one's own response. Of course, peace goes out the window when bad things happen........but as much as is possible, I practice Being a Tree. Lots of wind in my branches these days! Smiles.

    1. I echo your feelings and experiences - and I admittedly still have a really hard time not being affected by others - I read energy instinctively, intuitively - so it makes it really hard for me to "step out" ... and stay focused in my core. Still, I'm learning, and getting better at it, which is a good thing. But I long to be well and truly away from the "worst" of it. LOL@ Being a Tree - I should consider that - and what tree would you be? I'd have to choose a willow - deep roots needing water, but lithe and flexible and glorious.

  3. The hardest war to fight, is not to fight, giving peace a chance. Sadly, for many, this option is taken from them, by various level of governments and various militaries.


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