Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Lady Liberty

CNN /  John Moore / Getty Images

I  cannot enjoy my liberty
with you at the border,
your children removed,
because you fled
danger and death
seeking a better life.

The cries of your children
haunt my dreams.
Their terror hurts my heart.
What we do to one,
we do to all:
other humans,
other species,
the earth:

The day of political
and climate refugees*
has arrived.
But, until rich white men
are the ones who
march across deserts,
famished, thirsty,
homeless, desperate,
I fear humankind
will not change course
in time.

“Bring me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, yearning to break free” – and we will take away your children, put them in cages, and detain or expel you. Never did I think such things could happen in North America, “the land of the free”. Yet here we are. 

* Climate change could create 150 million climate refugees by 2050.
(source: The Guardian)

For Susan’s Midweek Motif prompt at Poets United: Lady Liberty


  1. Yes, here we are. She may well say this--and yell it. Your last stanza sadly leaves little room for hope.

  2. Indeed, Sherry. Independence Day has been tainted by all this cruelty. I feel your words.

  3. Yes, the hours tick away, and so many remain helpless and sad. xoxoxoxo

  4. Sadly, Sherry. Both Canada and the United States did this during WWII with the internment of people of Japanese ethnicity. Not to mention the enslavement of African to work in the "New World".

  5. True. Not to mention the residential schools. I guess trump is just more blatant and disgusting with his policies. He offends me deeply.

  6. Yes indeed sleep will not come easy to caring hearts. A profound write Sherry

    Muc💞h love

  7. I've seen too much in my lifetime and hoped for too much too. But sadly things are getting worse as there is no place for humanity in politics, business and industry. We think we have advanced but we have regressed and sadly there will be much more hurt to come, unless...wait, I can see no way out!

  8. you fled danger and death
    seeking a better life

    Now they are being repatriated to be facing the same that they were running away from. Real pity, Sherry!


  9. I sometimes wonder, is money that important? Is power that important? For which humanity has to be put at stake. May the pain and rage that your words show increase in the sufferers to free this planet of such abominable humans.

    1. The abominable humans have the power and run the show. Mammon rules the earth.Unless we return to embracing (dare I say )real Christian values we are doomed.

  10. A heartbreaking poem, Sherry. I can't believe what that man is doing - it makes my blood boil. He obviously knows nothing about history, humanity or hubris. I hope it all comes back to bite him hard in his soft parts.

  11. Very strong poem, Sherry. And sad. It has come to our lifetimes.

  12. True. Too many of us are not capable of change until it hits close to home.

  13. That last stanza is so utterly true Sherry. This is powerful, poignant and totally necessary for all to read.

  14. Sadly, this is the absolute truth, beautifully stated.


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