Saturday, July 7, 2018


Picture created for me by The Unknown Gnome

Traveler has been traveling alone
for most of the journey.
Times, she sought a companion
to help ease the passage through difficult terrain.
But none could stay the course.
Each turned off at the nearest byway.

Traveler grew accustomed
to making her way alone.
A wolf companion stayed by her side
for fourteen years, the truest companionship
she had ever known.
His turning was involuntary;
they both mourned greatly.

Solitude was emptier once he had gone.
But in time, traveler began to realize
she was never truly alone.
All around her was the ghost of a big black wolf;
he walked invisibly by her side.

There were trees breathing peace to her,
birds on the wing who companioned her eyes
through the heavens,
reminding her to keep Looking Up;
the moon bathed her in silver
and spread its canopy of stars for her alone;
there were wind-voices singing secret love-songs
just for her, and wave-tops lapping shores
of forever beaches,
where each one knew her name.

Alone is never lonely, as long as you love the wind,
Traveler says now, reflecting.
When you stand in an old-growth forest,
when you watch the butterflies flutter by,
when you look into the knowing eyes
of a small red filly,
you are surrounded
by loving friends.

A poem from 2014. Revisited. Shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United, hosted by Mary, where there is good reading every Sunday morning.


  1. You are right, Sherry. Alone does not have to be lonely. There is so much of nature that is around us. And also one's memories, such as yours of Pup. They can keep a person company as well.

  2. alone is never lonely... the elements are still there..always there. beautifully told Sherry.

  3. Sometimes it's best to travel alone, without distraction and the freedom to see what you want to see. I love the loyal companionship of the wolf. My favourite lines:
    'the moon bathed her in silver
    and spread its canopy of stars for her alone;
    there were wind-voices singing secret love-songs'.

  4. This is wonderful! I know just what you mean about that lack of loneliness. Indeed, such Travellers are rich.

  5. Being alone, is a state of mind, as well as a physical condition. Especially, how we view the world around us. Whether on the physical, emotional, or spiritual plane.

  6. I agree with you entirely but I still have this regret that humankind has learned so little over the years and fear for my children and grandchildren as they witness greed conquer commonsense assuming there is another planet available when this one is trashed.

    1. As if we deserved another planet. Argh. I so agree, Robin. I have been a hopeful person all my life - until this past two years. I am now totally discouraged.

  7. Oh Sherry this is so touching! "Solitude was emptier once he had gone".. these words really tug at my heart.

  8. Alone is actually all-one. It takes a while, but one day comes and we realize, we are not alone, rather all-one.

  9. Aloneness is a state of mind. As this poem illustrates so powerfully, we are never alone.

  10. When we love and welcome what surrounds us, alone never makes a home in us.

  11. how right you are, "Alone is never lonely".

  12. These words of traveller are so yummy.Yet my favourite image is

    "Solitude was emptier once he had gone."

    I would truly enjoy a Traveller series

    Thanks for dropping by my blog


  13. Thanks, Gillena. My Traveler series is linked on the right hand sidebar.........they were poems written during NaPoWriMo in 2011.

  14. Exquisitely written, Sherry. It begs to be read aloud!

  15. Beautiful and right into the heart.

  16. Wow! here is the entire journey: "Alone is never lonely, as long as you love the wind . . ." Learning about never being alone--the difference between solitude and loneliness--has made my life beautiful.

  17. Makes me want to know about the wolf, a real wolf once or spirit animal, a wild thing?

  18. A beautiful and great journey indeed. You have learned so much along the way, and I love the way you share it so brilliantly.

  19. Alone is a disconnectedness from the world.Lonely is a lack of love.
    Sadly there are too many people in this world who are not special to anyone.From the religious point of view everyone is special to God.

  20. Solitude was emptier when he was gone. What a beautiful line! I could feel the echos of memory here, Sherry. Wonderful.

  21. Bless the wind, the space where wild things grow, where the wolf speaks to a heart that listens

  22. Great Life's snapshot!

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  24. Thanks for revisiting this 2014 poem: so many lovely memories dancing in my head. The picture my husband created for you...
    "... she was never truly alone.
    All around her was the ghost of a big black wolf;
    he walked invisibly by her side."
    You are right: Nature is full of lovely friends which accompany us. We all are travellers, pilgrims in this world. I can hear lovely voices singing love songs. They are here, there - not dead -, helping us to end our journey.


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