Friday, November 24, 2017

The Music of My Years

The amber notes
of my dad's alto sax
waft down the hall.
The night is young,
hearts rising
just to fall.

When the band 
finds its groove,
the floor and walls 
all vibrate with
the jazzman’s beat,
up and down,
side to side,
with all those 
dancing feet.

“Someone turn on
the bubble machine!”
my father cries.
He is the hero of
the golden horn
- he glows -
its notes the background music
of everything 
I know.

“Stardust,” “As Time Goes By,
and "I'll Get By",
- my parents' theme -
I grew up marinated 
in their love songs,
the music that taught me
how to dream.

In counterpoint,
his alto clarinet,
the mellow notes
of summer afternoons,
mellifluously serenading
those tender years,
his beautiful music 
way too soon.

for Jazz Poetry with Amaya at dVerse. And I will share it with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United, where there is great reading every Sunday morning.



  1. So tender right from the beginning with those amber notes. You're right that is exactly the tone color of the alto sax, along with the syrupy drone of amber paste. What a positive thing to have grown up with, and then your saturation in the songs letting you know you "could not live without a dream". It's a profound connection and I feel grateful to your parents for making the world a little bit brighter with their music.

  2. I grew up marinated
    in their love songs,
    knowing I could not live
    without a dream.

    How lucky, Sherry to have had a loving father a lover of jazz music.


  3. "the background music of everything I know"

    Doesn't music just have that power to take us back and make us taste those moments.

    Very cool memories of your father and families. I agree with Hank the marinated in their love songs pulls the heart. What a house to grow up in.

    Surrounded by love and music.

  4. Well written, it reaches into the heart. The music just washes over the reader. Nice!

  5. This is so beautiful and poignant. I love the sound and rhythm and the wonderful tribute to your father and memories. 💛🌸


  6. How wonderful to grow up with this kind of music, Sherry! I am sure you have many melodies that still linger in your heart!

  7. What a wonderful memories of your father and the music marinating your soul Sherry ~ Beautiful jazzy poem ~

  8. This is wonderful to have that music right at home. I think it changes you and defines you those early music experiences.

  9. I like the idea that love songs teach one how to dream and hearts rising just to fall.

  10. Growing up marinated in love songs can be so precious. No surprise that you have a star-dreaming soul!...

  11. Love "amber notes" and "marinated in their love songs"... beautiful thoughts and images.

  12. Such a great way of say this:
    "I grew up marinated
    in their love songs,"

    Happy Sunday Sherry

    much love...

  13. Such a beautiful tribute to your father, Sherry!💞 Especially love; "I grew up marinated in their love songs, the music that taught me how to dream."💞

  14. My dad played the piano. It is a wonderful thing to grow up with music in the home. This made me smile.

  15. What beautiful words of a childhood marinated in love songs.
    And: its notes the background music
    of everything
    I know.
    What a wonderful way to know.
    Anna :o]

  16. Beautiful memories. Growing up with music is magic .

  17. Great poem- eloquently presented in a Jazz tone :)

  18. Well woven notes on your poetical staff. The memories perfectly in tune!

  19. I could almost hear the alto sax as I read this wonderful piece, Sherry. It's touching and so beautifully written.

  20. It is wonderful to be able to look up to your parents with pride. My own father was a sportsman in his younger days and playing both soccer and cricket for the local teams. Although I played both, my achievements were elsewhere!

  21. This reminds me of my mom and dad....he had quite an extensive big band record collection and my first love was this jazz and my love of his music, their music is another reason I love old movies....such a touching poem!

  22. Growing up with music certainly enriches the heart and soul. This is a lovely glimpse into another side of the wild woman.

  23. Lovely ... so tenderly rendered, Sherry. I'm sure those old melodies conjure forth a myriad of wonderful memories. What a lovely place you have to go to, when you long for those childhood days to whisper a few notes of reminiscence.

  24. This is very lovely and touching Sherry. I can hear “As Time Goes By” playing while reading this. Wonderful childhood memories.

  25. Would you call this a "break-out" poem? A wonderful poem, worth waiting for!

  26. To be marinated in love songs makes one savory, don't you think?

  27. Music is rich soil for memories, soil that never forgets... How wonderful it must be to hear the songs he played all those years ago... and smell summer scents from long ago...

  28. Amber notes of an alto sax. A perfect description, Sherry! It grabbed me and swung me into the rest of the wonderful poem.

  29. Such wonderful amber, golden, swinging nostalgia. Your memories sound like quite the treasure. Mellow and dope.


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