Thursday, November 2, 2017


He died on All Souls Day,
the Day of the Dead,
joining all the other saints
behind the veil,
for his life was pure love -
selfless devotion, loyalty,
trust. He hung his world
on Lori's every move.

How is it that animals 
know and practice
what humans find so difficult:
acceptance, lack of judgment,
unconditional love, gratitude,
joy, being in the moment?

He was the youngest of our pack,
and joins the others 
in the pet graveyard
on the farm: Leo, Graham,
Noey, Lukey, and Jasmine.
He will be forever loved,
forever missed,
little black boy, with wiggly bum
and the laughing eyes.

for Susan's Midweek Motif: Saints 


  1. Oh, OH! Such a wonderful tribute and a good addition to the book of saints. We have much to learn from the animals who choose to live with us and whom we have the honor of serving.

  2. Awww that's cute. Nice poem, Sherry.

  3. Oh, what a touching tribute to what must have been an exquisite friend!

  4. I agree, when will we learn to love as freely and unconditionally as they do?


  5. First, I am sorry for you loss. I know it is so hard to lose a pet/friend and all that they mean to you.

    Why is it easier for them than humans...that would be quite the list. They are not in a rush and will take time just to be...they realize they need us...while we reject needing anyone...I dunno...I could go on.

    Know I am sending hugs.

  6. Oh the wiggly bum and laughing eyes.. a beautiful write!

  7. That second stanza really hits home Sherry! It seems that animals have a deeper unconditional love to give than we know how to. I love this Sherry. I know you must miss Blakey!

  8. There is always so much love in your poetry when you write of your beloved dogs Sherry. I can just imagine them all running up to you when it is your turn to reunite with them.

  9. Sherry, I am so sorry for yet another loss in your life. So hard to lose those who give us such unconditional love! It seems sometime that life is not really fair!! Your poem IS beautiful.

  10. So sorry for your loss Sherry. They are true angels. Beautiful words to honor the saintly soul.

  11. Hi Sherry, I'm so sorry for your loss.

  12. They were sent to teach us how to love.

  13. Dear Sherry,
    I'm so sorry to read that you have lost another kind pal, Blakey. It seems like no time at all since your dear Pup left you. I think heaven must be a fine place, when you consider the kindest of souls we truly miss, are there waiting..Hugs to you Sherry:) Eileen xx

  14. I miss hime and I didn't even know him. So hard to say goodbye, to those loyal and loving friends, our "spiritual companions."

  15. we will meet and greet him, Pup, Jasmine, etc., along with my Jules when we journey into their realm. muchos abrazos, mi amiga.

  16. Sometimes I think of pets that have passed on and miss them terribly. Blakey and all dogs are truly saints.

  17. Beautiful and touching, Sherry. I get angry with the old Fathers of the Church who insisted animals are soul-less. I truly believe that their is a sold purer and nobler than ours.


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