Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Heart Too Far

Wild Woman's heart lives
halfway between a cackle and a howl,
waiting for the moon to rise,
for the owl in the wildwood
to murmur a chook-chook-chook to the chicks
nestled beneath her feathery wing,
listening for the wolves to sing
as the darkling sky winks its million stars
across the mountains and back again.

The waves are singing their siren song,
somewhere too far, out where
the wilds things are.
My heart, remembering, 
is waiting, too, like the moon awaits
its moment to rise,
like the owlet perches on the edge of its nest,
summoning the courage to fly,
like the shore anticipates the lip of the wave
advancing, retreating, and returning once more.

Wild Woman's heart lives
somewhere between a cackle and a howl,
displaced, too far
from where the wild things are.

shared with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads. I wrote this in 2015, when I was missing the wild shores of Clayoquot Sound. And now I am here. Yay! When you don't give up, even the most impossible dreams can sometimes come true.


  1. Oh, my, "halfway between a cackle and a howl" brought me one of your most beautiful poems ever. Though I know you are with the wild things. Love.

  2. I am glad you found your way back to where the wild things are. Sometimes dreams take time to be born - all the right things have to fall into place to make them a reality. And sometimes our patience is rewarded.

    Live on wild woman.

  3. This is so beautifully heartfelt, Sherry💕 Especially love; "The waves are singing their siren song, somewhere too far, out where the wilds things are."💕

  4. Wild woman at one with nature is a beautiful poem indeed


  5. I think if we have a wild soul we need to have wildness close.

  6. Thank you for sharing this great descriptive piece. I love the comment at the end. Yes, don't give up your dreams - they may come true.

  7. I just knew we were neighbors, my cackling and howling (and always loving) friend.

  8. How wonderful to find a home of your dreams to enjoy. This really is a most beautiful poem Sherry.

  9. The Wild Woman is never too far from that which stirs her heart. It lives, always within. That is why she continues her searching,


  10. Between a cackle and a howl is terrific!!!

  11. oh! wow this is so beautiful like a song in the jungle and in our hearts!

  12. this whispers to me of a soul that rests upon a hammock,one end to a tree in the forest and one on a promontory ledge atop the soothing waves on the edge of the sea. you, mi amiga, have described in this of where i would like to be. gracias for sharing this lovely transcending joy

  13. So glad you are now home, in between the cackle and howl. Enjoy :)

  14. I'm so glad that you made it home.

  15. Beautiful poem. Perhaps a measure of peace has calmed the wild woman a bit, given her a space to rest and remember running with a wolf with smiles instead of tears.

  16. Always keep dreaming..Home is where the heart feels freedom. So glad you found your way back home.

  17. You are my hero!!! So glad, "dreams really do come true!!!" And you are there to prove it!!!


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