Friday, November 24, 2017

Another Winter

The Christmas
after he died,
my sister gave me
a faux fur throw,
the colour of a wolf.
I held it to me,
rocking back and forth,
my big, black noisy boy,
my grief
making my daughter 

It is another winter.
I sit in my cozy chair,
watching the rain,
the dancing trees,
and the small birds 
that come to feed
on my front porch.

is our way 
of honouring
the ones we have loved 
so well.
I hold it to me,
rocking back and forth.
Like the wolf fur throw,
it offers a strange comfort -
the joy and pain
of remembering -
at once.

for Rommy's prompt at Real Toads: Creature Comforts, to choose an object that comforts us.


  1. Love the way the fur throw brought comfort in grief. Physical objects act as such good anchors at such times.

  2. Allowing ourselves to fully face and honor our grief is far more comforting in the long run than running from it. I still miss my Faye.

  3. The knowledge that we can feel, the feel of it, the thought that we've loved and being loved enough to be touch by such emotions... Yes, they are a comfort. It is nice to know one is human.

  4. Hopefully these little familiar touches take us back to beautiful moments we shared together. While we have lost the ability to make new moments, there is warmth in those memories.

  5. The love and the longing that the fur can bring back... there is comfort in mourning, and bring back the love...

  6. Remembering for me is revisiting the many places that my wife and I went to either on holiday or birdwatching of which she was so keen. So there are many memories all over for me.

  7. Oh Sherry, this is so heart-wrenching! Sometimes it helps to remember and grieve the loss of our loved ones rather than to keep it bottled in.

  8. Oooo, thank you. I hold grief close.

  9. "Grief
    is our way
    of honouring
    the ones we have loved
    so well.".....Yes, Sherry.


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