Saturday, November 18, 2017


Today I opened the door
onto grief,
that I have not put into spoken words
shared some tears and a peek
at the losses
hiding under
the brave smile
I have worn
for so long.
And it turns out
it is all right
to cry.

for Brendan's prompt at Real Toads: Doors. Today I attended a grief workshop. I have always been a strong, stoic person. As a single mom of four, I had to keep on going through many losses, with no time to grieve. And then my dog died, and released my tears.  When they are long suppressed, they will eventually come out, as they have been doing for some time now. And that is okay.


  1. It is alright to cry.

    I just told one of the big burly football players that the other day.

    It is a release.

    And we have to really in order to move forward. We have to allow ourselves to grieve or it will eventually eat us up.

    It is okay.


  2. Release, and be OK. You speak truth.

  3. We need to open that door sometimes. As Susan said, You speak truth.

  4. Never fight back tears as they are very cleansing and let you cope with grief so well.

  5. A grief workshop... I think if we could cry the world would be better... I think I have lost that key.

  6. It's essential for us to cry.. and to let out what we have endured over the years. It's not a sign of weakness.. rather it's a sign that we have been brave too long. *Big hugs*

  7. Aw. There's something mothering in our better nature which gives us permission at last to grieve, and holds something in us as we go through that door. This is meltingly pure.

  8. Reading Sanaa's comment, I see my thoughts already spoken. Crying is a great release for those deep emotions trapped in our hearts, and we should let them flow.
    I do feel for men who society expects to bear their pain alone as if crying a weakness. I grieve for their grief inside.
    The biggest of hugs.

  9. Tears are good medicine. Let them flow.

  10. I am glad for your sake that you were finally able to open that door!

  11. What a release! Like mining crystals.

  12. I know that door, Sherry, and yes, it is all right to cry.

  13. we are vessels for tears, the water of our makeup, purging the weight of life. 'it is, what is'

  14. Yes. It is wonderful to cry. I have been crying for over a year now. I am starting to feel like Niobe. But it is fine to break down, even in public. Some will even understand. Cry and let yourself be hugged. The illustration for this is perfect. Let it go my friend. Howl out your grief.

  15. I have days when I give in to grief. Cry until I can breathe again. These days I am missing my parents and crying for the grandchildren I will never know.

  16. Sometimes, we need to let those tears cleanse our souls. It's really good to shed them and find out that it is all right to do it.

  17. You are very brave Sherry, and it is OK to cry.


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