Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Your face, eyeless, has seen 
a thousand years of living.
I place my hand upon your nubbly bark,
breathe in what you exhale.
It is a perfect exchange.

You give me shelter.
Your beauty makes me forget all the words.
You teach endurance, unquestioning existence,
the art of being, bending and not breaking.
You show me how
to Be a Tree,
to keep my peace
inside of me.

Standing before you,
I am in the presence of the sacred,
suitably awed.
I come to this forest
to communicate with God.

"I think that I will never see"
was the first poem I  loved
in grade three.
And now, once again, here's me
writing love poems
to a tree.

LOL. Cant help it. This is What Came. e.e. cummings I am not. Sigh.
For Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: write a poem to a loved one


  1. Big Grin! And yes, I too, have closed my hand and stood palm to bark of a tree to be one with such grounded spirit. Great Poem!

  2. This is great, Sherry!! So wonderful and beautiful :)

  3. Such respect to life form...wonderful Sherry...

  4. I think the Druids worshiped trees. I'm thinking about the walking trees in Narnia now.

  5. Trees comfort me. This is a gorgeous poem.

  6. I'm so glad you are no one else but Sherry, the one who writes beautifully about nature, God, trees and love.
    That photo is spectacular.

  7. Perfect!!! I wish I'd thought to write a love poem to a beautiful and I love this:

    "You teach endurance, unquestioning existence,
    the art of being, bending and not breaking."

    Such wisdom. ♥

  8. Trees teach us so much, bending in the wind, feet planted firmly in the ground standing their ground against adversity...and happy to take boarders!

  9. I love this Sherry… you know how I connect to trees and find God's presence dwelling among/within them… I'm glad you are you, No need to be any other poet (or person)

  10. To love a tree is a rewarding thing. They return love one hundred fold!

  11. I liked the connection with the first poem you loved. I also enjoyed your connection with that tree. Trees are indeed the faithful companions and silent observers of our lives.

  12. how did i know your loved one would be a of the most sacred moments i ever had was in a glade surrounded by the tallest trees i had ever seen...actually took my shoes off cause i knew i was there...

  13. Don't apologise! That's a wonderful poem. I love trees too. All your nature poems seem to express exactly what I would have wanted to say — if only I'd thought of it first, lol. Well, so long as SOMEBODY says them. It seems it's your mission, Wise Woman!

  14. I wish every one would write love poems to trees.. many were here before us and will be there when we leave.. :-) wonderful

  15. A few more of these are always good. And would make a great book title, "love poems to trees"

  16. Beautiful ode to the love of nature specially trees Sherry ~

  17. This resonates for me because "I think that I will never see" was one of the first poems I fell in love with too! And, I have a deep, lifelong abiding love for trees of all kinds :-)

  18. Oh I love your love poem....trees need our love!

  19. what a beautiful ode to a tree... they're so majestic and hey - they can keep secrets too...smiles

  20. Extending and appreciating nature can never be compromised. Very well written Sherry!


  21. The cycle of life...strong as the lines running through a tree..perhaps we always come back to what we love and helps us that in any form

  22. There really is a sense of peace in those who have lived long upon our earth. Glad we can go back to the beginnings it makes more sense the second time about

  23. I think it's lovely and sweet that you wrote to a tree. Nature is so spiritual.

  24. just eliminate capitals, that's the way to start on the path to e.e. :) ~


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