Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Pilgrim's Prayer

Mount Chomolhari

I approach your holy mountain
with a humble heart,
scattering rice
for the blessing.


One step , another step -
a prayer, in human form,

Tiger's Nest - taringa.net

Breathing the air of the gods,
bent low, I approach

Taktsang Dzong, Bhutan 
- nepalsanctuarytreks.com

Clear the greyness from my eyes,
all darkness from my heart
O Beloved One,
Make me clean

[The glaciers of Bhutan, whose ice melt is essential to the growing of crops below, are expected to be fully melted within 25 years. In fact, flooding is already occurring with devastating consequences to the people living below. As the flooding is attributed to climate change, this is a controversial topic in the Bhutan. But the Prime Minister has said the melt is occurring faster than predicted by the UN report of a few years back, and is likely to occur much sooner.

I cant imagine how they built those monasteries on the edges of such sheer cliffs! Carrying everything by hand and yak, likely. So beautiful and precarious a perch.]


  1. Bhutan is a good friend of India , seeing it lost is is painful , but now this problem is not only occurring in Bhutan but in other parts of the world too.

  2. Powerful prayer and photos too. Would prayer could extend the life of the glaciers and ease the flooding too.

  3. you know, if they are trying to accomplish solitude that allows you to focus on dependence...they got it...i would be praying we did not fall off the mountain every day...haha

  4. your prayer is beautiful Sherry, I pray it is not to late to heal our broken world.

  5. It is amazing how they built those monasteries....a reflection of the mystery and wonder of nature and God. You always inspire me with your posts Sherry!!

  6. Amazing, evocative images. May your prayers come true!

  7. You've captured the flavor here. Don't want to think about what the world will be like in 25 years!

  8. I really cannot imagine how they built these structures without all the machinery we have today. It would be difficult even with today's equipment!

  9. loved the word picture with the scattering of rice... beautiful

  10. This is beautiful and inspiring. Prayers should absolutely be "in human form."

  11. This is beautiful. I need to retreat and meditate. I feel I am losing myself.

  12. It is amazing, those mountainous retreats -- built on the precipice of doom -- I wonder if our spirit needs such precariousness to fess up with the truth. The glacial melt worldwide is happening so fast now. For the first time in over a million years, Iceland will soon be without ice.

  13. What an ordeal to build those buildings. Climbing the paths is something I long for. To imagine what we have done and what we keep doing is scary,,,

  14. all is ephemeral, one supposes, but still... ~

  15. The call in this poem breaks my heart, those two lines in particular. The hurt is so very loud...

  16. a beautiful prayer on your ascent; i followed you poem step by poem step


    much love...


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