Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lavender Sky

for Hannah's prompt at Real Toads : Lavender

I'm in love with this place,
with its lavender sky,
its shining sands, the seabird's cry,
where every tree is a friend,
every rock knows my name.
In love with the sea,
one is never, after, the same.

The sun sets low, the skies aglow,
this perfect moment
all I know.
The beauty saturates my soul,
and I am Home, 
in my home of homes,
peaceful, joyous,

In lavender dreams I float
across a lavender sky,
and no one ever loved a dream
as much as I.

Sigh. Home, my friends, and it was all spectacular, and perfect. I did take photos, of the harbour, as I couldnt get to the beach without wheels. I will post them tomorrow. Am tired, and replete, and needing some rest!


  1. I'd melt before this lavender sky for sure. Your words always bring forth a lot of positive vibes, Sherry. Rest well... smiles..

    - ksm

  2. welcome home sherry...i hope the trip was amazing...and your love is evident every time you talk of this place...smiles.

  3. Oh I love those lavender skies too and your beautiful words as you bring them to us!

  4. So glad you had such a good time.
    I've been gone too, but not for a fun reason.
    I read many of your past posts. I just don't have energy to comment on them all. I love the lavendar sky. The photo is spectacular. Look forward to more pics. Now rest.

  5. Spectacular moment...I love the colors of the sunset ~

  6. A Lavender sky.. what a gorgeous experience Sherry.. only a sunset at sea can give such skies

  7. I was drawn by the glorious photo - but stayed for your exquisite words! Hugs!

  8. and no one ever loved a dream
    as much as I.

    Such a perfect ending to an idyllic description of place.

  9. Beautiful photo! Great rhythm to your words, Sherry!

  10. a dream and loved the quiet rhythm

  11. Spectacular and perfect are exactly what you deserved, Sherry! And your poem shares those sentiments. Makes me want to trek to the ocean!

  12. A beautiful sky, a perfect dream. Welcome home.

  13. There is something magical about a lavender sky. I love the rhymes in your poem, so beautiful! Welcome home, Sherry :)

  14. Welcome home Sherry! :) Lavender sky, what a beautiful sight to behold!

  15. Greetings from Greece,

    So lovely to meet a fellow Canuck!

    Your lavender sky, is indeed the stuff of dreams, as you so eloquently expressed. How peaceful and pretty it all is.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!


  16. Pretty skies, pretty name for them. I am glad you could come up, everyone ought to go home now and then. There isn't much left of my original home, the home I was born in. It was bulldozed down.

  17. glad you got to the coast, Sherry ~

  18. "...not after the same". The ocean front is a gift of continuous change. I love that too about it. My wish for you is this was permanent and not a vacation. But it is still a gift. I look forward to those images. Ill go look now.


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