Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Promise Is a Promise

The Divine Intelligence that set this 
universe of stars in motion
made us a promise - and extracted one from us,
in return.

You are interconnected 
to every particle of the galaxy,
no single cell is any more or less 
important than the other.
All are One.
All want to live.
What you do to one, you do to all.

There is bounty enough on this earth 
to fill all your needs unto Eternity,
if you take only what you need, 
with reverence, respect and gratitude. 
Guard resources well. Do not waste.
Harvest sustainably, replant, replenish.
Pick one, plant two,
so future generations may live.

If these laws are not followed, 
you will find yourselves in distress.
From your own choices and actions,
I cannot save you.
I have given you free will, 
and a bountiful garden.
There are laws of cause and effect.
As you sow, so shall you reap.

Pondering on these things, 
driving through this
gloriously blue-sky day,
heart awash in sunshine,
I saw a cloud - perfectly formed, 
to shape a gigantic Hand,
palm up, fingers curled slightly,
God's Hand, bestowing blessings,
or, perhaps, ours cupped to receive.

for Karin's prompt at Real Toads: write about a promise, made or broken. This came to mind. Right now CBC-TV is running a series on The Nature of  Things, called The Human Odyssey (trailer here). The first segment said that, in the past, cooperation, as opposed to competition,  is all that stood between us and extinction. 

Today, it occurs to me, we are once again in that same place. 


  1. Oh yes, all is interconnected...and yes, as one sows, so one reaps. Humans haven't done that well in the 'sowing' department of late. Sigh.

  2. Hey Sherry--I was thinking very specifically of this promise myself--especially in reading about the terrible plastics everywhere. You are so right--agh, and the way we've failed to keep our half of the bargain is not only heart-breaking-but terrifying. Thanks, as always, for your point of view in this. Much appreciated. K.

  3. Your words are what I live by. Oh, that the world would listen.

  4. Intelligent approach to an understanding of the Almighty . Free will results in consequences of the choices we make.. Karma or reap what you sow is inevitable. No one escapes it.
    Will watch the video later.Glorious blue sky here for a swim. Beautifully expressed poem. I like the hand in the sky. Perhaps you were having vision. I suppose there is always a possibility you will be canonised as Canada's first Saint. It will take at least 200 years so none of us will ever know about it (giggles)! Have a happy Sunday !:)

  5. if only we would listen...if only we would only take what we need...if only we would believe and act as if we were interconnected....what a world it would be....

  6. Things should be easy and what you say rings true.. Especially now when we have gained all that knowledge.. When even butterflies can change the weather you understand what harm we can do.

  7. Humans cause more harm to the earth than all other living beings combined.. Quite sad really, considering the beauty of our planet.

  8. This is a satisfying read on so many levels, Sherry. You have the gift to inspire with your world vision.

  9. If we only listen and learned from our mistakes and errors from the past, but we have not ~ We seem to be reaping more and more, rather than seeding & nurturing ~


  10. Amen! And that last stanza--the real image--is outstanding. I've got tyo catch that show.

  11. We are all connected, and you give voice, with grace, to that truth.

  12. Beautiful.....I often think of Karma when I act....first do no harm! Powerful words Sherry!

  13. Nice, Sherry. Aspirational. Thanks for the heads-up about that program, which I'd like to find and watch with my kids. :)

  14. free will and a bountiful garden

    now i haz a sad


    1. Hopefully we will all learn to be better gardeners.

  15. I love your ending. We and the earth, wind, and what it takes to sustain it are so interconnected. Sadly we humans have failed to recognize it. May we change...We must change.

  16. I hope humanity grows up in time to keep its part of the promise. This poem expresses my thoughts perfectly. I cannot write like this. Please keep doing it for me and all those who KNOW.

  17. I am with Susie! Yes, I pray for change~
    Bravo, Sherry

  18. There is healthy competition, I believe. But I think you mean they type that is full of greed and an attitude of my way or the highway type of power grab. Yes, we are stewards of this earth, and the balance is way off… As always, you write with compassion.

  19. If only everyone thought as you do, Sherry.

  20. I saw a great quote the other day. An astronomer said, basically, we're all made of dead stars, looking back at the sky ~


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