Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The incredible art work of Danny Gregory

You are my sun,
upon which my every day 
is hung
However long you are away,
however long the endless day,
I wait for you.
I sit patiently,
wishing I had hands
instead of feet,
watching you eat,
just hoping for a treat.
You are my world,
you are my sky.
For as long as I'm alive,
you will remain
the dearest object of
my eye.

for Gabriella's prompt at dVerse, to write to the art of Danny Gregory, founder of Sketchbook Skool. His work is amazing. Do hop over to dVerse and check him out. Gabriella interviewed the artist, who has led a fascinating life.

There is no truer devotion than that of a dog. I love the look on the face of the spaniel in Danny's sketch. So patient.


  1. I love this. I can always count on my dogs' unconditional love. Though sometimes, I wonder, 'cause Leroy will literally steal any food that's left unattended. He simply has no manners!

  2. A dog's love is truly unconditional... lovely write... I just read a fact the other day about a dog whose master died, and it refused to leave the front yard of its home; it waited there until it, too, passed away.

  3. I lost my dog five years ago, & we decided to just live with our cat, who is easier to have someone look after as we do our many road trips & weekend getaways--but your poem reminds me, sadly, that there is something significantly missing in our lives; a dog's unflinching love & devotion.

  4. Oh, you have spoken so well of the feelings that dogs have for their human masters. They wait and wait patiently when their masters are away. And some dogs really have that devoted look on their face which just CANNOT be missed. Wonderfully expressed, Sherry.

  5. This is particularly poignant right now, as you know.
    Thanks, Sherry.
    Luv, K

  6. I enjoyed your poem and reading it the perspective of the dog. Some dogs are very expressive and you can tell what they are thinking, especially if you are holding a slice of pizza.

  7. How lovely to experience that devotion and love from the dog Sherry ~ You brought that sketch to life with your verses ~

  8. Great voice of the Pup, I begin to see what the bond is. I am happy because I know you feel that same way about him. I don't think I ever loved anyone with that devotion. Well, maybe God.

  9. aw....lovely...and i like that you took on the voice of the pups...their heart and compassion is captured in your words....ha. my cat wants to the bacon i am cooking, that is for sure...

  10. there's nothing like the friendship of a dog... tied nicely into the picture prompt

  11. I wrote a long comment and it disappeared. To sum up, you've captured the human/canine bond as only a dog-lover can and I so relate! The dog in the sketch has eyes much like those of your boy-pup. Touching.

  12. This is awesome. I almost picked this dog picture, too, but I liked the one with all the different dogs. You have captured the devotion of dogs perfectly. Peace, Linda

  13. Sherry,

    I think you have captured the spirit of the animal and when I saw this picture I knew it would be one to make your pen move. Lovely capture.

  14. What true love inside that faithful dog. A beaing heart an symbiosis it create, I noted how many great pictures of dogs there where.

  15. awwww that made me smile... the unconditional love of a dog....priceless

  16. That is so sweet. :-)

  17. They don't talk back, that's the main attraction. So it can rightly be on a friendly basis. Nicely Sherry!


  18. Your poem is definitely a picture of devotion and how dogs patiently wait for us!

  19. cool poem for the picture.....yes of course such devotion comes from the pet......

  20. So nice, I feel your love. Dogs are precious creatures....

  21. So heartfelt through the eyes of a dog. I believe every word to be true. :)


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