Monday, February 16, 2015

Every Prayer a Thank You

aquarius new moon by

Wild Woman discovers
the new moon is in Aquarius.
It is time,
she understands,
to manifest one's deepest desires.

Liberate your wildish heart.
Make known your every dream.
Convey your wishes
to the moon.
Write them 
upon the stars.

All, all, is beauty. 
Let your every prayer
be "thank you",
for all that has been,
all that is yet to come.


  1. smiles...the gratitude in that last bit...coupled with making known your wishes and believing in them...i like the empowerment of it...

  2. Gratitude is the most powerful supplication I know. Writing the wishes ands graatiuude out there everywhere is powerful. Yay!

  3. This is exactly the reading and reciting I require today. You feed my heart, mind, soul with these words, Sherry. I hope you never lose track of all the good you do with your writing.

  4. Thank you. That is the best prayer. I am so grateful for your poem.

  5. Hopeful and beautiful, Sherry! You have such a way with nature-I love this one~

  6. That is beautiful and right Sherry. Love it! xx

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  8. it is the prayer i say every day. your words touch many, mi amiga


  9. Thank you for direction. Been distracted of late, and know it is time to once again get back to the business at hand. Am two-thirds of the way through and need to finish.


  10. To appreciate and acknowledge not many can do too well. Those who do will find things are made easier somehow! Wonderful lines Sherry!


  11. I appreciate your positivity, and am thankful for it, Sherry. it's necessary, isn't it? ~


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