Tuesday, February 24, 2015



The lords and ladies softly creep
past the cave where the dragon sleeps.
They do not care at all
to be captured in his thrall,
because they're on their way 
to a very special ball.

The castle walls are hung with banners bright and gay,
the ladies' gowns resplendent, in colorful array.
The knights stand, tall and brave, 
against castle walls of grey
and all is bright and beautiful, 
so bountiful a day.

Sir Brian and Lady Claudia are sitting on their thrones.
The lords and ladies leap about, 
all jerky arms and bones.
"Hip, Hip, Hooray!" the folk all cry,
clapping our hands with glee.
"Blogdom's never had a King and Queen
as wonderful as thee!"

The Royal Pair smile, they wave, they bow,
then they get off their thrones.
"Sir Bjorn," King Brian kindly says,
"now you're on your own."

Sir Bjorn gulps, he stands up tall,
though feeling not too well at all.
"I'll do my best to fill your shoes,
my feet are not too small."

We sing, we laugh, we cry, we thrill.
We all burst into song.
"Thank you for giving us this place
where everyone belongs."

LOL. At dVerse, they want knights and tourneys and jousting, as the pub keys get handed over to Bjorn and the team. So there had to be a dragon.

Brian and Claudia, our heartfelt thanks to you, for your many labors of love over the years at dVerse. I'm glad you will  both still be around, as I doubt I could do without reading your words. Welcome, Bjorn, as you don your mantle. We're very glad you and the team are willing to keep the bar open and thriving.

Hop over to dVerse, kids, to join in the fun as Claudia and Brian hand over the pub keys to Bjorn and the team.


  1. hahaha...i look forward to the Lords & Ladies leaping...Anthony must have put some beat filled music on the turn table...lol...thank you Lady Sherry, you are one of the finest maidens in all the land...smiles.

  2. Love the rhythm and rhyme of this, Sherry! It is a great day for a tourney indeed.

  3. haha... no - his feet are def. not too small... he will do a great job running the pub and he has an excellent team at his side... smiles
    thank you dear lady for this wonderful verse... bows deeply...

  4. LOL, I like your name!! Crone of Dogdom gives me my laugh of the day!

  5. Ha.. you made me laugh out loud.. I feel very very small at this occasion.. I think this was a lot of fun. No problem with my feet.. I feel more like the jester :-)

  6. wonderful!!!! I'm still smiling. Stories always go up a notch in my book when I know the characters.

    Very well done!

  7. I love it...ha..ha... Hey, we are all singing and leaping with you, smiles ~ Love your name too in Mr Linky ~

  8. Of course you belong to the court of Dogdom. This was so much fun to read. I love your sense of humor.

  9. heheheh... yeah I am on the turn-tables... this is very sweet, Sherry! Bjorn can def fill the shoes - maybe even rock heels if he has to..

  10. This is funny and also a bit touching, Lady Sherry. Good byes are always a little hard, aren't they?

  11. I agree! A more gracious King and Queen we couldn't have. With that said, I think the feet to fill the shoes will be a perfect fit. Very adorable poem, Sherry.

  12. I love all the fancy names, but yours is the funniest by far. A delightful, cheery way to say goodbey, to present the King and Queen of the ball, as well as the Knight in Shining Armour who is taking over.

  13. So nice that you incorporate thanks to the rulers of dVerse in medieval poetic way.. to affirm is lovely.. to reciprocate is great!..:)

  14. Oh Sherry you are a Queen of Delight...

  15. Great job with this, I smiled all the way through. Hail the the King & Queen!

  16. LOL... so fitting... great job here... and a bit of rhyme

  17. This was so much fun! I love how you made this about the dVerse tournament - the changing of the guard. King Brian and Queen Claudia have certainly selected well their successor, I believe, though I think you've captured Bjorn well in this. Peace, Linda

  18. First, the name you used made me smile. Your poem was such fun to read and I am all for singing and leaping. The King and Queen brought joy to the Kingdom.

  19. A cross between "Partridge in a Pear Tree" and a Shakespearean play perhaps? Very clever, Sherry.
    It's good to see the pub alive and well.

  20. What a pleasure, Sherry, to read and dance this fun tribute to the team at dVerse. It's the kind of sending off party poem that could take the prize and first place in the scrapbook of their reign.

  21. I was dancing right along with you, Sherry - quite a send off you have given Brian and Claudia! Loved this

  22. Bravo!!!
    Such a thoughtful tribute. Loved the image you used as well. :)


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