Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wild Woman Goes Out

helpful sign found on google

Wild Woman ventures out at night.
It's getting kind of scary
is the world really ready
for an out-at-night Sherry?

She teeters on hilly edges,
others clutching at her cape
to keep her from falling over
as she stands with mouth agape.
"Look at all the pretty stars!"
as she slides down the cliff,
pretends she meant to go that way,
it's really fun. As if.

There's a sign on the balcony
but she's too blind to see.
The folks below just catch Wild Woman
finally flying free.

A Ms Magoo kinda heart,
in a benign world ever funny,
Wild Woman cannot see the gray.
She keeps her  blue skies  sunny. 

Now she's out in the orchard
dancing - skip skip skip -
there's many a sorry stumble twixt
the high-step  and the flip.

Follow fools into the meadow.
Let's all hoot at the owl,
dance with the chickens,
both fair-weather and fowl.

Smiling grimly 'top the steering wheel
and blinded by the light:
"Officer, I'm not impaired,
I just dont have any sight."
Wild Woman rarely drives at night,
because she knows she's blind.
Thank God the policeman
was Canadian, and kind.

Each little touch of pixie dust
gets followed by an "ouch!"
I think it's safer keeping
Wild Woman on the couch.

The policeman stanza is what happened LAST time I tried an evening out. Hee hee.


  1. thats ok, there might be a sorry stumble or two along my way as well....ha...i am glad the police were kind as well....for some reason i have a hard time seeing you on the couch for too long...

  2. "She keeps her blue skies sunny."...for us too :)..

  3. Hilarious! Now that sounds like a great night out - lets go! smiles K

  4. What scary fun! I love that little dig about otherwise militarized policemen thank God they're Canadian). Hey--we're working on it. I'm glad Sherry's not alone and can stumble freely with hands steadying her and that she got one huge escape to bruise and fly. We'd be rolling on the floor laughing--literally--in a game of follow the leader. Ouch, hee hee, ouch.

  5. Well, this made me smile, Sherry. I like the idea of not seeing the grey, of keeping the blue eyes sunny! Great philosophy. Perhaps it's better to go carousing in the daylight, Sherry. Smiles.

  6. We will all want such a cape now to fly about in :-)
    I loved the wedding pictures. What a brilliant occasion and they look so good together.

  7. This totally entertained me, Sherry. The world without clear sight must be so different. Better in some ways, challenging in others. Your grace in the situation is wonderful.

    1. It can be quite hilarious....”Is that a man standing there? Is he, like, totally checking us out?” “No, it’s a pole. But it IS leaning your way! Definitely!” Cackle!

  8. What a fun! I just couldn't stop giggling. It reminded me when I was sliding at 6 yr. old from couch on the pillow and hurt myself.... Another poem goes to the collection 'funny about serious things' ~ Good one!

  9. Wild Women unite!!! Sounds like fun no matter the place.
    Delightful romp Sherry.

  10. Is the world ready? I think the world wouldn't have it any other way!

  11. Ha...sound like going out with you would be always an adventure !

  12. I'm much like this too, Sherry...I feel all discombobulated when I'm out at night now. Nicely captured!

  13. Maybe you are getting cataracts, Sherry. Our dog is. The bother her in the bright daylight as well as from the lights at night. The lights bothered me tonight too. My stars look like church crosses to me.

  14. Fun take Sherry! One suddenly realize lots of things taken for granted may not work anymore. Nature meant one to be taking it easy! Rightly so!


  15. Oops.. You should live in Sweden in summer.. no night-vision needed for a night out.. :-) But of course winter is another matter.

  16. Hilarious! I chuckled throughout. I can so much relate to this. My night vision is nil. No one can ever accuse me of being a vampire. I don't go out at night, unless my husband drives. And that's a risk. His vision isn't that great either. So beware the world whenever we're out.

  17. *claps hands* Sherry, you nailed it. What a wonderful night out!!! You wrote it with such joy and magic I was smiling all the way through. Once upon a time I used to live in that world...ahhh...beautiful beyond words. Love the reference to the policeman being kind because he's Canadian, lol. Have a bright and happy day you Wild Woman you!!! :)

  18. No you go out and enjoy the stars! We will help on the hills...the line about the kind Canadian police man made me smile...stay wild...(safely of course)

  19. This was great. Love the Magoo reference, do get much call for those.

  20. I can relate. I don't drive at night. I went out last night, forgetting the sun goes down earlier these days, and drove home peering into the dusk. Not fun. So glad I was in our own little town and not going very far. Sigh of relief when I got home.

  21. heck no! get back on out there! ~

  22. Intriguing...
    It may be 'safer', but then 'Wild' Woman won't go for safe, will she? :)
    This is the first time I have visited your blog and as I said... Intriguing!


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