Thursday, August 28, 2014

Soul Song

South Beach Wild

My soul sang a song in the deep of night.
It cried from the depths of me:
I need to feel the sand on my toes
and hear the song of the sea.

I long to breathe in the tangy air,
walk along the shore in the fog,
watch the raven fly, hear the eagle's cry,
watch the waves from a driftwood log.

I need to feel the west wind on my face,
in the place where my soul flies free,
for nothing and no where else can replace
the one port that says Home to me.


  1. Yes. Me too. You put it so well. For me, maybe in September. What about you?

  2. no...and it never will...and one day you will return there....more...i feel that....i hope that for you....

  3. Ah, Sherry, I hope you can get back. Very poignant, k.

  4. Beautiful Sherry ~ I hope you get back to that port calling you home ~

  5. Hope you find your way back home, Sherry.

  6. The longing touches my heart. I wish this for you too. Also want you to be happy wherever you are. You deserve it. You bring a lot of joy to others.

  7. May your prayer be heard Sherry...

  8. this poem sounds so good aloud (though I had to imagine your voice as I did so) ~


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