Thursday, August 14, 2014


The Black Dog of Joy

After the thunderstorm,
the welcome rain.
The parched purple peonies
revive gratefully
in their pot.

Happiness is.....

no bombs dropping

cool water coming from the tap
a deep green river, dappled with sunshine
a big black laughing dog, running in and out of the surf

memories of other times, other years
gratitude for blessings
sunsets and early morning skies
the trusting brown eyes of horses and dogs

a five year old with a dripping ice cream cone
a new spin-mop for getting into corners
an elephant picture on the wall , making me smile
every time I walk past

the beauty of the world,
in every possible instance
and circumstance,
and the spirit in humanity,
which may live in discord,
but which longs for peace

two snippets for Susan's prompt at Mid Week Motif: Happiness - there are some wonderful offerings there this week. Do check them out.


  1. i wonder why it is that we are so akin to our memories...and make them seem so much better than today...were they? i dunno. i guess at times i feel that way. it def seemed easier. but there is a lot of joy in the now...even with all the war and death and...i think we have to look for happiness...but live in contentment to really understand that peace...and that the flower, to perk up in the rain.

  2. It is nice to be able to look back and remember happy times. And it is also nice to be able to appreciate the blessings of today. A five-year-old with an ice cream cone can be a true source of pleasure. And wonderful to be able to see those peonies revive after a rain....a reminder that even though wilted life can return.

  3. I love all of these instances of happiness especially the one about no bombs dropping. Not that I like to mop, but the one about the mop did ring true.

  4. Me again. Just forgot to mention how much I like that picture of you and that happy dog. People who don't love animals have no idea what potential for happiness they're missing.

  5. Yes. YES!!!!! I like what you said on my "Robbing Death" poem too--that aging is " a privilege and a gift. It is worth it just for the sunsets alone!!!!"

  6. Thanks for spreading it around

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  7. I love when you throw a ball and a dog jumpt to the sky to get the ball. fear of happiness

  8. Beautifully written. This shines with the simple joys found in the everyday.

  9. yes i too am at a stage in my 'learned' life that contentment is the pinacle of my moments, my nows. when i reflect on moments of memorable joys i have to say that they can be interpreted as 'happiness' in reflection. i'm happy to have some of these moments to reflect upon. nothing i strived for but welcome moments of the absence of struggle and strife. i find joy in reading and sharing others' that have also experienced joy and they can reflect upon them. especially when they're caring creative people like mi amiga, Sherry :-)

  10. The peonies and pup both bring smiles Sherry. This prompt (which might seem outwardly so simple) evoked some below the surface wisdom. Hope you are being refreshed by 5 year old and rain...

  11. Very nice (like the five year old).

  12. I like how you find happiness in the simple things of your life, Sherri. You shared a lot of beautiful images.

  13. Double happiness when it's realized!

  14. Very meaningful write Sherry ~ I try to be grateful for the blessings that come my way everyday ~ And for that peace, it would be a lovely gift ~

  15. your poems always make us happy for the beautiful words you choose and the wonderfully image they carry..Thank you Sherry :)

  16. I love your wonderland of happiness!

  17. I connect with this poem and its celebration on the many reasons for joy!

  18. Reading this over morning coffee ... I almost forgot about the turmoil in our world ~ almost.

  19. This is such a happy, contented poem. Made me feel good.

  20. I think the happiness of the past - if possible - should be used to draw strength from what's tough in our days today... There are always reason to be happy, but alas also reason to be sad.. Maybe we can make a choice..

  21. happy poem with so many happy things which gives strength in difficult days..

  22. Happiness is playing with a dog on a beach!

  23. ...a five year old with a dripping ice cream cone is up there on my list to Sherry. Love this!

  24. peaceful and gentle, Sherry ~


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