Friday, August 29, 2014

Clayoquot Sound Haiku

Kids, last night I read This Dark, a small book of haiku about Clayoquot Sound, written by my friend Joanna Streetly. Joanna lives in a floathouse in Tofino harbor, the lucky girl.......and writes so beautifully. She used the teikei form of haiku, which uses the 5-7-5 syllablic count. After reading, my mind began writing some myself, so I offer them here, as this morning's exercise:

Wolf Spirit, your call
from your misty mountain lair
sends my soul keening

footprints in the sand
my heart follows where they lead
till I'm home again

bonsai in the bog
a little touch of Asia
in Clayoquot Sound

shore birds on the sand
lift and dart and land as one 
I watch in awe

in the following I tried 7-5-7

Luna leaves as Sol arrives
Sun and Moon - same sky
little boat chugs happily


  1. Ohhhhh. Mmmmm. Awe.
    And I tried to imagine you surfing with those birds:

  2. Lovely, Sherry. The Haiku form indeed comes so very naturally to you.

  3. The second one still holding my mind..those footsteps to home..Ah.~ How nice, Sherry :)x

  4. its cool to watch the dance of the shore birds...
    and to feel the call of that wolf
    and know our shared hearts....

  5. you've caught the essence of the beach, Sherry ~

  6. They were all a delight to read. Haiku sits so comfortably with nature.

  7. beautiful.. very different images captured.

  8. Lovely. I enjoyed the flow of the haiku and the awesome imagery!

  9. I love the mystery in nature that comes through in your writings :)

  10. Bonsai in the bog! I like it.

  11. A lovely series, Sherry. Nice that another poet inspired you. The second haiku is my favorite.

  12. I enjoy haiku very much. Nice set! I especially liked your 7-5-7!

  13. I love the nature haiku set Sherry ~ I must check out your friend's book ~

  14. Yes haiku is a wonderful experience.. I like the zen of the second one...

  15. Ah Sherry, you words have captured the spirit of the wolf as it calls you to the beach..lovely writing...the first two run deep as they speak from
    that place of longing. Happy Sunday my friend.

  16. Ohhhhh, so nice, Sherry! Beautifully written :)

  17. And the traditional response:

    Great things growing around me
    I hope to come again soon

    Wonderful poem.

  18. My favourite is footprints...every journey is unique, even aware of another's footprints, you are making your own

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  19. Love these tiny gems, Sherry - the 'shore birds' maybe my favorite tho - This is a form I have flirted with on occasion- I may try my hand again - you have inspired me!

  20. Ha I like the bonsai in the bog one !

  21. Lovely write Sherry! Your words are as soothing as the lovely picture you describe here. :)

  22. Beautiful and from the wonderful heart.

  23. beautiful haikus Sherry. they make me wanna revisit my former themes of nature and the beach. nice!!!

  24. I love that first one Sherry . . . I haven't written haiku in a while . . . might be time to revisit it.


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