Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Come From Starlight

Sister Tree, breathe me your peace.
When you breathe out, I breathe in.
We are connected.
The genetic code, in trees and humans,
is the same.
In Woman, 
the design of membranes in the placenta, 
nurturer of human life,
is the same as the Tree of Life. 

This fills me with awe.

How can we be so busy, so distracted, 
so disconnected,
so claimed by the worldly,
that we forget
we come from starlight? 
How can we busy ourselves with technology
and forget it is our bare feet upon the ground,
our eyes raised to the sky,
the image of sunset imprinted on our soul
that gives life meaning?

I turn off the tv, the computer, the phone.
I turn on birdsong, daybreak, Cloud Art
and stardreaming.

I place my hand upon your trunk.
My Sister.
In this moment,
it is only you and I,


  1. I don't turn it off enough. Your poem inspires me to do so.

  2. Love it all but this esp. Wonderful Sherry
    "I turn off the tv, the computer, the phone.
    I turn on birdsong, daybreak, Cloud Art
    and stardreaming."

  3. Oh Sherry I absolutely adore this. I recently watched Avatar for the 3rd time, and I loved that story and this reminds me of the tree in the movie. Have you ever watched Avatar? You would love it.

  4. Sherry, I love how you turn off to listen to Mother Nature. Being quite and alone with her can bri

    1. Bring peace, understanding, and wisdom.
      (Pardon my bloomy iPad for acting up here.)

  5. Oh. No prayer can be more beautiful. Daily, I make it a point to go outside alone (well, with the dogs) and listen to the sounds. I hear birds, but somewhere in there I must be hearing the trees growing too. I really like this poem Sherry.

  6. the technology drowns out the starlight...and not seeing it...we forget...thanks for the reminder of the magic of us....

  7. I always feel my best when embracing my awareness of true connectedness. I can tell you do too.

  8. "how can we forget . . . we came from starlight?

    That line really grabs me.

    Can't say I've ever seen "placenta" in a poem before.

    Nicely done.


  9. Oh Sherry, this touches my spirit profoundly. I grew up a child of the trees. In our tiny piece of forest they trees comforted me when I carried the burden of secrets. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge!

  10. I believe in trees! A most inspiring write!

  11. wow! a deep connection we have with the tree, infact the essence of our existence are trees

  12. This is pure natural beauty, Sherry.

    "How can we be so busy, so distracted,
    so disconnected,
    so claimed by the worldly,
    that we forget..." that we (and everything we do) is what makes the world?

    Such truth...

  13. Such a beautiful response to the prompt, Sherry. You always write with so much conviction of your relationship with the natural world.

  14. "the design of membranes in the placenta,
    nurturer of human life,
    is the same as the Tree of Life."...this is so true Sherry...the speaker is like a mother figure who is pointing to the Way of Life to her children gone astray..

  15. I love this uniting with trees, count me in... TV already off...~ ' our bare feet upon the ground' ~ mmm I all there...~ Thank you, Sherry. It was refreshing! :)xx

  16. So very true, that we need to listen to Mother Earth without distraction and realize the connectedness of all.


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