Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sky Dreaming

you adorn yourself this morning
with picture-perfect puffy cloud-babies,
as if you are off to
a summer lawn party
in your best blue billowy dress. 
In this on-going celebration
of nature's beauty,
you take pride of place.
Thank you for keeping me
Always Looking Up!

I am back, kids, and the wedding was perfect and  glorious! I will blog it once my daughter okays some photos. I have some puppy shots I will blog later today. I am of course so Behind online I am stressed, but the Life-Swallower pounced the minute I returned. Babysat yesterday, babysitting today. Sigh. It will take me the rest of this week, I think, to do all that needs doing, so please bear with me.


  1. Congratulations on the wedding Sherry...those are always glorious. Glad that you keep looking up...keeps us looking up and thinking of what matters to. I look forward to the wedding photos. :-)

  2. glad to hear it was wonderful. Please dont stress gather your rainbows and your dreams we will be here :)

  3. So HAPPY to see you again Sherry...you do help us looking up too...glad to hear everything was perfect..lovely...now for those precious moments framed.. :)

  4. Stardreaming goes skydreaming! Congratulations on the wedding and how about Jeff Siddhartha?

    Isnt it strange how sometimes, the simplest things are enough to trigger a wave of well being, like those cottonball clouds for example. Keep writing Sherry

  5. hey, glad you are back friend and that all went well...look forward to seeing those pictures....and i am all for joining the ongoing celebration...

    care to dance?


  6. Congratulations! Lovely clouds! k.

  7. Hey! What a relief, huh? And a joy, too! I'm looking forward to the pics of the wedding. I had a "silver sneaker" chair yoga session at the YMCA this morning,and now I can look up much more easily! It's a lovely day here, too.

  8. Nice to have you back and so glad to see the clouds are happy for you too.. :-)

  9. stress not, my dear :) ~


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