Monday, August 11, 2014

In the Dreamtime

Beautiful photo art by Steve, The Unknown Gnome

Swimming in dreamtime,
she follows the songlines of the ancestors
across the bare brown desert of the heart
towards the mountains.

On the other side, where the ley lines meet,
all green and golden,
a power place,
lies the great sea, silver and shimmering,
and singing with ten thousand voices
of the ten thousand things
that comprise the dharma path.

In this dream,
there are the haunted cries of wolves, of owls,
of ancient spirits,
and the deep green forest is alive, awake, 
and talking in tongues.
It whispers to her soul
where are you?
why are you not here?
Trees reach out their arms for her,
and she is drawn there
as surely as a murrelet is drawn back to its nest
from across the shining water.

Wild Woman rides the winds of hope
in this dream,
looking down on all that she loves:
 green bearded old Grandfather Cedar,
the roar of the waves,
the caw of the raven,
imperious piercing eagle-cry,
the long white beaches
stretching to Forever,
and her, above, exulting,
in the tangy salt sea air
flying along the shore.

So many impediments between her 
and her heart's home,
in the real time. 
But in the dreamtime, one is always There,
cradled by the sleepy forest,
curled in the rootbed of an ancient cedar,
beside a small tender wolf-pup
with shining eyes
and joyous yipping heart,
mist wrapping softly around them
in the fresh new morning,
and the sound of the soft waves, 
lapping, forever,
endless and eternal,
in her heart.


  1. You make the dreamtime so beautiful, Sherry. I love to have a choice--a way to be always there--or half the time there through R&R and wisdom.

  2. Sherry, we always have to continue to ride the winds of hope. Hope is integral to life. And may those impediments all fade away.

  3. What a beautiful dream. I hear yearning in this, but also a type of acceptance, a knowing that at least you are there in dream or spirit. Not enough for this real time, but perhaps in a timeless dimension - there you are, no obstacles, you just are.

  4. Sadly beautiful. Life has so many obstacles to peace or even personal peace. The wolf pups can teach us a lot about how to live.

  5. I love the reference to songlines.. I have always been fascinated by the concept of those poetic maps through the desert .. The forest has to be a home...

  6. Lovely Sherry. Your words took me away from real time.

    May your dream time soon become real time so that your heart be home Forever There.

  7. i am glad that you have those take you to that place which you can not always be....grandfather cedar....i love the way he smells...smiles.

  8. ah, those ethereal dreams. sometimes i think i won't wake up from them because sometimes i wish not to. ley lines and murrelets and ash trees and wolf pups, all contribute to this lovely ethereal piece. gracias mi amiga

  9. oh i love the following the songlines of the ancestors and the dreamy peaceful feel of the whole piece sherry

  10. You remind me to reconsider the fact that all of this is temporary. The real is, always will be.

  11. this was such a lovely trip into a dream. so much vivid detail and so calming. one of my favorites from you, sherry!

    stacy lynn mar

  12. In the Now, the wolf pup would pee on you, the eagle would kill your cat, the sea would force such a high tide on you that there would be no beach to comb, the forest would be littered with fires from lightning, from careless smokes; but in the Dreamtime, it is all Zen, homeostatic, and perhaps more of a Soul Dwelling than the other.

  13. Such a beautiful dream ~ I would like to take the journey with Wild Woman ~ Thanks Sherry ~

  14. flowing and melodic, Sherry ~

  15. Ah, Wild Woman ... you do a soul good.

  16. Lovely words, especially when spoken aloud.

  17. Beautifully written, dear Sherry. I especially like these four lines, "Trees reach out their arms for her [...] shining water", for the wonderful image your words create in my mind. Remember life is but a dream... When we wake up all our dreams willl come true :) A hug.


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