Tuesday, April 1, 2014


My friend Andrew's dog, Kasha

If you want to learn about love,
adopt a dog,
especially a rescue dog,
who will be astonished and grateful
at the transformation of his life
from hardship to safety.

Look into those warm, accepting, trusting eyes,
that love you unconditionally,
even when you feel most unlovable,
that know you will care for him
even when you feel too discouraged
to  care for yourself,
that think you are perfect
just the way you are,
when everyone given the gift of speech
assures you
you are lacking 
in every possible direction,
and that your entire life
has been a big goof-up.

When you are sitting,
head in hands, heartsick,
see how he comes over to you,
doesn't push or clamor for attention,
doesn't insist you get over yourself,
doesn't discredit your feelings,
replacing them with his feelings,
just - accepts, and, 
by simply sitting beside you,
resting his big heavy head on your knee,
offering his compassionate and understanding sigh,
says what you wish human beings 
knew how to say more easily:
"It will be all right. I'm here."

Dogs are Love Buddhas.
They come to show us
how Love is 
supposed to be

posted for the prompt at dVerse Poets Pub: to write about an animal. Be sure to check out the links, there will be some great responses. There always are, at dVerse. And Happy Poetry Month, fellow poets!!


  1. Yes indeed, dogs are love buddies. I can attest to that as well. They accept a person whole-heartedly, asking so very little & giving so very much. Dogs are indeed LOVE.

  2. i think they represent the conduit that reminds humans that all life has equal value. if we can accept this to be so then we, humans, can some how grow to be more empathetic, more loving. gracias mi amiga, beautiful

  3. Couldn't agree with you more. I think dogs are love sorcerers in every sense of those words. Hope you come and join us,


  4. Dogs are love buddhas! What a lovely thought.

  5. smiles... love buddhas - i like that... my daughter just came back from costa rica where she fell in love with the dog they had - he followed her on every step... she misses him crazily...

  6. What a wonderful description of dogs. They are loving and trustful. And your title is just perfect, Sherry!

  7. You've got my vote. >KB

  8. yes, dogs specialize in love...accept you as you are (wags), sensitive to your feelings (soulful eyes), and happy to be in your presence (nuzzles)...can't help but love 'em back!

  9. Oh what a wonderful love.. and yes a rescue dog has to be grateful to retiring at ease.. love buddha.. what a concept.

  10. i used to do animal therapy with some of the abused kids i worked with...it was pretty amazing...to see them fall in love with a dog and learn to care for themselves....and others.....

  11. Your love for your previous dogs shines here.
    You put so beautifully what I could only imply in my sonnet.

  12. Dogs are awesome. I love them and this is great.

  13. You know I agree. Well done.

  14. Everything you say is true. They are the least judgmental friends we can have.simply lovely.

  15. I know you love dogs Sherry so this is not a surprise to me ~ But I have to tell you I don't have any pets, smiles ~

  16. So true. I love dogs who are almost always like this, and cats who wrap themselves around your life in other ways equally soft and meaningful. Quite a visual poem - you put this dog right beside me.

  17. We have rescued now for many years. I feel like they know it and reward you a hundred fold with their love and loyalty. Our latest little girl dog, a JRT, now 5, is deaf and since last week, has terrible pain in her cervical spine. We are in the process of setting up an appointment with a specialty vet. Please keep her in your positive thoughts, Sherry. Her name is Zoe--Greek for Life!

  18. Yes....God has sent us dogs and cats to teach us how to love!

  19. Lovely Sherry, your love of dogs is clear throughout. Very well done.

  20. I worked with the blind for many years; never understood those wonderful folks who raised puppies to become dog guides; like giving away your children at 3-4 years old.

  21. Sherry, this is so true. If, I didn't have my animals right now. I would feel so much more lost, than I already do. Lovely poem.


  22. So true, Sherry. My Adi was my buddy. She was always beside me. Now Katrin has taken her place, she has her head on the edge of the rug beside me as I blog. Katrin's "mother" died, we have her now.

    Thank you for peeking in on my nonsense today. You are kind and I appreciated it lots.

  23. animals are great companions. you have captured that here well.

  24. see how beautiful it sees. I love pet animals. Dogs are very good companies for us when we are alone. They play with us, even they used to wake up us in the morning. They too love us very much!

  25. Not sure if my previous comment registered, so forgive me if I repeat myself. I love your idea and its execution. And pets are very often the only thing that keeps us sane and going on those days of dark depression (used to volunteer for a suicide helpline and know that from experience).

  26. I love this-my dog every day put his head on my knee. I will now call him Love Buddahs-thank you Sherry-this brightened my day~

  27. Couldn't have agreed more with you, Sherry. And I love these little Buddhas....they prime my heart and mind :)
    I loved this poem!

  28. Kasha is kute ~

  29. we did pitbull rescue for a a few years - what loving creatures those dogs were.

  30. Dogs are pretty great --god spelled backwards. K.

  31. so many people attest to the love of pets to heal, comfort and uplift us. They're fantastic. Dog as pet as love buddha is indeed the truth.

  32. well done, Sherry - we just adopted a new little guy, Theo, probably a dachshund terrier mix and he is all that and more! K

  33. Oh I think you have this spot on! My love buddha is right next to me after a walk--and the sun is shining


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