Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm collecting wolves and memories,
as I walk this earth-walk......
forest trails and long sandy beaches,
the sound of the waves
forever advancing and retreating
on the shores of my heart.

Inland, I once collected seagulls,
and longed to fly
over the mountains
to the shore.

Once there, I gave away the ceramic birds.
Walking in awe, in outtakes 
from Jonathan Livingston Seagull,
along the shore,
 I needed them no more.

I began this beach odyssey in 1972,
when I watched Jonathan fly
and understood
I belonged heart and soul
to the sea.

My life has been a series
of beginnings,
starting over with nothing,
collecting a nest around me,
then flitting to the next place,
the next refuge,
the next home.

I perch on the edge, now, waiting
for the call that will spring me
across the mountaintops
and back home to the sea.
I will take only the barest necessities
with me:
wolves and elephants and books,
and enough gratitude and joy
to keep me

for Ella's prompt at Real Toads: Collections I live in one big sunny room, its walls covered with wolves and elephants, its shelves awash with books, Tibetan singing bowls, windows decked in prisms and prayer flags. Everywhere my eyes fall, I see something I love, something that says "one who loves nature lives here". 


  1. I agree. The things we keep around us say a lot about who we are and what is important to us - the things we can leave behind are just unnecessary baggage. I would love to visit you in your room filled with wolves, elephants and memories.

  2. Wonderful, Sherry! I too love all you shared and gathered in your nest! You and elephants too...
    I did not know this~ I really enjoyed your poem!

  3. This is a moving piece, and - it might sound sucking-up-ing - but your poetry is one I remember from when I was last active, back in 2012... Your brilliance with words and emotions hasn't changed one bit. If anything, it's getting better! Brilliant!

  4. Love this one, Sherry, and am hoping for you to get back to the west coast of the Island soon. And I hope I can get there to visit you. I've always heard so much about it, but have never been there, although I travel so much.
    Luv, K

  5. another amazing write. i love how you draw us in with details of the pieces of your life and memory...i think that makes for the best kind of poetry.

    i have always felt more at home while standing ashore the beach. my favorite beach is the tiny one at half moon bay, private, and love the half moon shade of cliff.

    lovely write as usual!

    stacy lynn mar

  6. The opening lines are just perfect!

  7. my life has def been a series of beginnings...we moved a lot when i was in the corporate world...its nice to settle in and fit the space...even still new jobs, new family...its always a expanding and releasing.

  8. First, must thank you for the blessing of your visit today. And the further lift of spirit I found in your words here. I too, have gathered and collected, only to begin again. I believe that speaks to resilience and survivor energy. Both of which we, you and I, have earned. Thank you for being a friend, and for your continued encouraging words.

  9. I love the idea of having those kind of collections, wolves & books ~ And I too love beginnings, starting afresh ~


  10. I agree I love the opening to your poem. I am thinking about all the things I need to let go of...I have so much stuff...Holding on what is closest to the heart is the best collection!!

  11. Ah - wolves, elephants and books! What more could a wild woman poet need? Love it Sherry!

  12. Sherry i saw that huge book-shelf set against a pink wall and the spirit of wilderness in your dream nest...the 5th stanza sums you up and
    speaks for so many...such magical words you weave...

  13. Sunlight, books, and a few precious items. PERFECT. Hope you get to feeling well - and I hope your call from over the mountains happens soon.

  14. love your description of the barest necessities, Sherry :) ~

    1. PS get better soon! ~

  15. You certainly have a wonderfully big heart that has more than enough space to hold all these things. Thanks. K.

  16. These earthlings one day
    will awaken.

    Such a beautiful thing to be reminded in memories. Not many realize how lucky can one be. Brilliant write Sherry!


  17. First - they above are so very lovely - exquisite really. I can feel your heart yearning for them - more likely Pup. He is in your heart. I can feel him.

  18. Sherry, your room is a nest--mine too--I am a Cancer so the nest comes first and when/if there is no home, I am bag lady and turtle while I think you are wolf woman and bird ... Bless you for this take on collections.

  19. Over time, I have collected stones, feathers, turtles, big cats, wolves, leaves, and photos of bonfires. I always reserve one or two so that when I pass through these rooms I inhabit, I can stop and remember, be grateful for all the places I've been and creatures I have met.



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