Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Proof of Heaven

When a scientist dies, and visits Heaven,
he wipes the slate of all he knew.
From facts and proofs he now must stretch
his brain to hold a bigger view.

When he returns his soul has changed,
all his theories rearranged, incorporating the divine.
He knows now how the whole world shines.

He returns with a brand new path to trod,
after he dies and visits God.

I have written before  about Dr Eben Alexander's book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife, before. He was a scientifically trained doctor who formerly believed in nothing that could not be scientifically proved. He believed near death experiences were impossible. 

During the seven days his body lay in coma, the doctor was accompanied by an angelic being, who guided him into the deepest realms of supra-physical existence. He met and spoke with the Divine Source of the universe itself, and returned to his body forever changed.


  1. Intriguing and inviting, and whether or not we know Alexander, quite believable. Thank you, Sherry.

  2. I think we would all want to believe this, but it does take a leap of faith. But then: there is more to Heaven and Earth.....
    "He knows now how the whole world shines." a bit like what the astronauts said when the looked at earth from their space shuttle.

  3. .....and the science of the soul is the wisest and most accurate of them least it is the most moving. Love this Sherry!!

  4. Sherry,

    I do think a scientist would wipe his slate clean
    once he has seen the other side this I truly believe
    forever changed is what I say...

  5. That book sounds fascinating I am very interested in those types of experiences XD

  6. wow, even west believes in afterlife

  7. This is a temporal world. T.S.Eliot wrote 'In my beginning is my end' The end is a transition-Amazing revelation of heaven and so well shared. Thank you Sherry.

  8. I can understand the resistance to religious devotion but I will never understand the denial of a a force or superior being that is beyond us for the same reasons as Albert Einstein eloquently explains

    " everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe- a Spirit vastly superior to that of man"

  9. Oh My God....where will you land me Sherry...
    I just want to be nobody once I die!

  10. I think we would all be reassured by some proof that there is something higher with us for when that time comes..comfort and fear are the most human needs/feelings..eloquently stated..

  11. Wow, Sherry~ This poem has such an unique alignment for me. I met his niece in a store buying his book. She was telling everyone Eben was her uncle and going to be on TV. I love your poem~

  12. I don't want to start a debate, but why can't faith and science just get along? Does one side have to be right? *sigh* This is a beautiful poem (though, as you might guess, I have a little problem with the content - but that's my problem, not yours) and it caught me enough to get me riled up like this! Beautiful - hope I didn't offend.

  13. i think that the arguments between science and religeon are ridiculous...i think that they do much better on informing each other than battling against....

  14. I think you have just given me the nerve to post my walk down the path of death.
    Thank you for sharing it does take faith to believe

  15. Nice vision of that "opps" moment I fear many of us will have eventually.

  16. This is wonderful, Sherry! Thank you for sharing the interesting story about the scientist, fascinating. I agree with Brian's comment that science & spirituality can coexist rather than fighting each other, but learning from each other ... I wrote along the same lines. Smiles :)


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