Saturday, March 13, 2021

Fox-Heart, Leaping


Surreal Artwork by Ronald Ong

My heart leaped
from summer into winter
when you left,
swift fox-heart
pouncing into grief
so suddenly,
with no time
to prepare.
It crossed
an endless Gulag winter
before emerging into
the leafyness
 of spring.
Foxy leaps from green
to white,
then slowly back again.
listening keenly
to Earth's heartbeat
to find its way
towards sunny days
once more.

Sharing with the foxy poets at the Sunday Muse!


  1. It is quite a journey the heart makes in this life; from joy to loss and healing and forward. You have taken us there in this lovely poem Sherry. Hope all is well with you these days and that the vertigo is going away.

  2. The heart heals but it takes time, much time. The seasons of healing for me were years and years and months. Even when the cure, final Spring, comes there will be untrust remaining for more years and years and months.

  3. The Circle Game, as Joni Mitchell sang it.

  4. Oh, the swift kick of these lines.

  5. Wild women speak from experience and with much wisdom ..... brava.

  6. Great take on the prompt Sherry and what a perfect rendition of grief - the pounce and then
    "It crossed
    an endless Gulag winter."
    Spring to follow - eventually

  7. After"an endless Gulag winter" the leap of hopeful Spring is commendable

    Happy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by my blog today



  8. "Foxy leaps from green / to white, / then slowly back again" - that is our best hope and promise!

  9. Glad foxy is soon to be leaping into green again!

  10. How I love the coming back to life once more. Beautiful, as always. I also wrote somewhat similar :)

  11. I like the way you ended your poem with the hopefulness.

  12. Oh the journeys our hearts make. I to am listening more to Mother Earth's voice. She comforts me in the midst of her own hearbreak.


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