Monday, March 29, 2021

A Dream for the Wild Ones


We are past the tipping point,
deny it though we try:
sea-rise and weeping mountainsides,
deaf to the wild ones' cries.

As the people fled Chernobyl,
the wild ones entered in,
now living in a dream world
free of their human kin.

I dream a time, some worlds away,
when life  begins again,
a small wolf cub with its mother
in a safe and sheltered den.

A universe among universes
may give the heart some ease,
that one day earth will breathe again
as freely as she please.

A small ditty for Brendan's spectacular prompt at earthweal: The Turning Point.


  1. A hopeful poem. Praises for the many animal habitats that bring some comfort.

  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that those wild ones thrive henceforth BECAUSE you sing for them. Let's stay faithful to that dream.

  3. I share the same dream -
    suzanne of Mapping Uncertainty

  4. Such a terrible but believable thought that we are past the tipping point, Sherry, especially with the ‘sea-rise and weeping mountainsides’, wildfires and diminishing wildlife. I’m so glad your poem shifts to give us a glimmer of hope with the small wolf cub and its mother, and the earth breathing freely.

  5. I am sure she will breathe again one day Sherry, with or without us. Perhaps there will be only our plastic waste as a token we were ever there.

  6. I have a dream...
    One day, maybe. Such a heartfelt poem, Sherry.

  7. I hope we are not past the tipping point yet...I pray there is still time to turn us on a better course.

  8. We need to turn away from ourselves and embrace what we are not in order to save both. Beautifully told.

  9. O Dear One! Do you know anyone who will sing this, set it to music, record it, and send it out into the world?

  10. I particularly like the Chernobyl verse...put it to music , Sherry!


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