Friday, November 27, 2020


Tonquin Guardian
by Christine Lowther

Forests are peopled with trees.
From babies to wise old
Grandfather Cedar,
all are in a state of either
Becoming or Enduring.
Much like us.

Listen to the song of this old tree,
and he will teach you
how to live.

He will whisper to you
of roots and tree-tops,
earth and sky,
and of your inter-connectedness
to All That Is.
He will tell you the secret
of how to live with
the natural world,
with respect, nurturing life,
doing no harm.
Like a tree.

When the West Wind croons
through his branches
and the riversong joins in,
listen to their song, and remember:
We are water.
    We are air.
        We are trees.


  1. You are tapped into a deep vein ~

  2. Oh, wonderful: the wisdom of trees! I love this, Sherry ��

  3. We are. Trees are guardians of an ancient, ancient trust.

  4. Beautiful! This shows how all of nature is connected! Humans should really follow the example of trees.


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